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  • 2019 Keynote Speakers

     Christophe Roussel, EVP, Global Supply Chain:

     Global Sourcing and Product Operations, Gap Inc.

      As the Executive Vice President of Global Sourcing and Product Operations at Gap Inc., Christophe
      is responsible for shaping the direction of sourcing, product development, production and global
      quality, while providing transformative strategies and sustainable solutions that support the business
      to satisfy the needs of their customers. Together with his team, Christophe work towards
      strengthening the company’s partnerships with their factories, vendors and mills across the world,
      focusing on product innovation, responsiveness and digitization of the Supply Chain.

      Christophe has 25 years of experience in Sourcing and Supply Chain with top tier European
      retailers. Prior to joining Gap Inc., he led and transformed the Sourcing function at Tesco.  He also
      held various senior leadership roles at Wm. Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Carrefour.


     Fiona Lang, Partner, Syntao

     Fiona has over 15 years experience both in-house and in consulting. Now a Partner at Syntao
     Sustainability Consultancy, she provides strategic sustainability suggestions to organizations,
     including government organizations, industrial associations, enterprises, academies, NGO ad more. 
     Sustainable consumption is a key area of concern for Fiona, making efforts in developing
     Sustainable Guides to Chinese Retailers with industrial associations, continuously conducting
     sustainable consumption trend research, and helping enterprises promote sustainable product
     innovation, operation, marketing as well as advocating for recycling and sustainable lifestyles among
     the public. Fiona also offers expertise in gender issues, deeply involved in a program of Engaging
     Employers to Address Domestic Violence in China by working with Asia Foundation and providing
     consulting for Walmart International on Women Owned Business Empowerment. Before Syntao,
     she was CSR Director of Walmart China, overseeing CSR strategy development and program implementation.


     Daniel Gustafson, Deputy Director-General (Programmes),
     Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

     As Deputy Director-General (Programmes), Daniel oversees FAO’s contributions to the Sustainable
     Development Goals, as well as its technical cooperation programmes and partnerships. He began
     his career in Brazil in 1977 working for the Inter- American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, in
     support of Brazil’s agricultural research and extension programs. From 1988, he served as Program
     Director for Agriculture and Natural Resources in the International Development Management
     Centre of the University of Maryland. He joined FAO in 1994, working first in Mozambique in the
     Ministry of Agriculture, and then heading FAO’s Office for Kenya and Somalia, the Office for India
     and Bhutan, and then as Director of FAO’s Liaison Office for the US and Canada. He moved to FAO
     headquarters in Rome at the beginning of 2012.



     Dawn McGregor, Lead Partnerships & Projects, China Water Risk

     Dawn leads CWR’s partnerships and projects on global transitional risks arising from China’s move
     to become an ‘Ecological Civilisation’. These risks can be material and disruptive driving the world
     to a new resource reality. Her work thus covers the strategic assessment and disclosure of water &
     climate risks as well as emerging circular business models, in particular for the global fashion and
     property sectors. Her recent reports on surveying 85 Chinese textile manufactures and on the status
     of environmental disclosure by Chinese listco’s lead to a better understanding of the landscape and
     identified ways forward. Her articles are cited in various international publications like the UN’s
     World Without Water.


     Kristie Drucza, Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist, 
     Inclusion Solutions

     Kristie Drucza is an Australian citizen based in Ethiopia where she works as a research consultant
     for various organizations that focus on gender and social equity. She previously managed a research
     project on gender in agriculture for CIMMYT (the International Maize and Wheat Improvement
     Center) in Ethiopia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, she spent 5.5 years living in Nepal and working for
     SNV, UNICEF and the World Bank. Dr Drucza has an MA in gender and applied anthropology and
     participatory development from the Australian National University and a PhD from Deakin University
     that explores social inclusion and social protection in Nepal. Research interests include: building
     inclusive institutions, markets and states, protecting the poor and excluded, women’s economic
     empowerment, and the inter-relationship between agency and structures of power.


     Charlene Collison, Associate Director of Sustainable Value Chains and Livelihoods, Forum for the Future

     Charlene drives Forum’s global system change projects across value chains for greater
     sustainability, equity and resilience. Through a career encompassing futures, organisational change
     and systems thinking, Charlene has led multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives across a range of
     sectors and themes and supports Forum’s thought leadership on collaborative change processes.
     She currently leads Cotton 2040, a cross-industry collaborative project integrating and accelerating
     efforts for a systemic shift towards sustainability in the cotton and apparel industry.

     Charlene has an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility (Distinction 2013) from Ashridge, a BA in
     International Relations from the University of Puget Sound and a Diploma in Organisational Change
     and Development from Henley Management College.

  • 2019 SPEAKERS

     Almas Perveen, BCI Field Facilitator and Farmer, REEDS

     A smallholder farmer and BCI Field Facilitator from Vehari, in the Punjab Province of Pakistan,
     Almas will join the plenary panel “Experiences from the Cotton Field’ to share her inspiring story of
     how at a young age she defied norms to assume responsibility for her family’s farm. Determined to
     make it a success, she began participating in trainings on sustainable farming techniques,
     coordinated by BCI Implementing Partner REEDS. As her interest and expertise grew, and her farm
     flourished, Almas decided to become a BCI Field Facilitator to share her knowledge with others.
     Since qualifying in March 2017, she provides training to over 400 farmers. Almas is also a leader in
     her community, as a role model for female farmers and as an advocate for primary education.

     During the ‘Hands in the Soil’ breakout session she will share more about how through her work as a
     farmer and Field Facilitator she practices and promotes more sustainable practices.

    Photo courtesy of TEXtalks.


     Tarcila Bhuriya, Smallholder Farmer, Organic Cotton Accelerator

     A smallholder farmer from the tribal area of Petlawad tehsil of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh
     India, Tarcila Bhuriya owns and practices organic farming on three acres of land. One of the few
     women with land registered to her name, Tarcila guides and trains other farmers on organic farming
     practices. Additionally, she runs an organic input production and information center for distribution
     and dissemination of technology to other organic farmers. She is also a member of “Women Seed
     Saver” group, saving and distributing traditional indigenous seeds to more than 1000 farmers.
     Incidentally, Tarcila grows herbal plants for medicinal treatment and is a trained nurse - one of the
     reasons she propagates organic cultivation because of its positive health benefits. She has been
     associated with Pratibha Syntex for 12 years and with the Organic Cotton Accelerator for two.
     Through OCA, Tarcila has been given a purchase guarantee and differential payment above the
     seed cotton market price for her commitment to farming organically grown cotton.


     Wang Meishuang, Smallholder Farmer and BCI Field Facilitator, BCI

     Living in Hechagu Village in Hebei Province, China, Wang Meishuang tends to a cotton planting
     area of 8 mu. She is responsible for planting and managing the land herself, as the cotton field in her
     family is not big enough to employ people.

     Currently at the age of 55 and with an education level up to senior middle school, Wang
     Meishuang’s educational level is high amongst her peers: she enjoys learning new technology and
     takes an active part in BCI training. In 2018, her husband, Zhao Jianwu, was already a Field
     Facilitator for BCI and she often assisted her husband in implementing BCI projects, attending Field
     Facilitator meetings and trainings, organizing farmer training, distributing materials and helping
     farmers collect data. She became a formal Field Facilitator herself in 2019.



     Bill Ballenden, CEO and Owner, Dragontree Commodity Trading

     Bill joined the cotton business in 1996 as a trainee at Ralli Brothers & Coney in Liverpool. After
     several years in Liverpool and a year living in Abidjan, he moved in 2001 to join The Seam to build
     and manage their international cotton trading platform.

     In 2007, Bill joined Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) as a trader in Geneva, later spending 2008 to
     2014 managing LDC’s cotton businesses in India and China, living in Gurgaon and then Beijing, and
     eventually managing the Asia region out of Beijing. Then, Bill moved back to Geneva in 2014 to
     manage the European & Black Sea regions, China, Singapore and Australia for LDC.

     At the end of 2017, Bill left LDC to start his own company, Dragontree, focusing on online auctions
     for commodities.



    Peter Wakefield, Managing Director, Wakefield Inspection Services

     Peter was born near Liverpool in the UK, the home of cotton in the region. As a child, he travelled
     and studied through Japan, Singapore and the UK, accompanying his father on cotton warehouse

     As a young adult, Peter joined the Associated Surveyors and Test Laboratories Co., Ltd, in
     Thailand where he continued to learn about cotton controlling. After three years here, Peter became
     a Manager in Taiwan for Edward T. Robertson & Son. In 1990, Peter returned to Liverpool to transfer
     into the position of European Manager and was at the forefront of the company’s expansion into the
     Former Soviet Union. Peter finally assumed the role of Managing Director at Wakefield Inspection
     Services in 1993, where he continues to work out of Shanghai as of 2007.


     Anita Chester, Head of Sustainable Raw Materials, C&A Foundation

     Anita Chester is the Head of Sustainable Raw Materials at C&A Foundation and a member of
     the foundation leadership team leading the development and implementing of the foundation’s
     Sustainable Raw Materials Strategy. She brings with her many years of experience in the
     apparel supply chain including driving collaborative Market Transformation initiatives centered
     around scalable, measurable social and environmental impact. Prior to joining the C&A
     Foundation she worked at IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative managing their cotton program
     and The Better Cotton Fast Track Fund. She has also been CEO South Asia at Cotton Connect
     working closely on the ground in building capacity for sustainable cotton initiatives & their
     market linkages.





    Joshua Wickerham, Policy and Outreach Manager, ISEAL Alliance

     ISEAL Alliance is the global association of sustainability standards, of which BCI, Fairtrade and
     Textile Exchange are members. Joshua has worked with ISEAL since 2010, primarily supporting
     the enabling conditions for uptake of sustainability standards in China and other emerging
     economies. Before joining ISEAL, Joshua consulted with UN Environment, UNCTAD, WWF,
     the International Trade Centre, GIZ and numerous sustainability standards and initiatives. Joshua
     holds a Master of International Relations from the University of California San Diego and Bachelor of
     Arts from the University of Michigan. He is based in ISEAL's London headquarters.



     Crispin Argento, Executive Director, Organic Cotton Accelerator

     Crispin is a sustainable fashion expert who advocates for responsible and scalable business
     solutions that drive profitability and value for all. As Executive Director of the Organic Cotton
     Accelerator (OCA), his aim is to ensure the viability and scalability of organic cotton through tactical
     investments in farmers and their communities through innovative programs and interventions that
     lead to market transformation.
    Crispin advocates for building collective impact across all sustainable
     cotton solutions in order to ensure the health and prosperity farmers and their families and the social
     and environmental benefits that result from empowered and resilient rural farm communities.
    Prior to
     OCA, Crispin served as Managing Director of Futuremade and co-founded the Portland Apparel La
     and NOYA Fibers. He is a California native who enjoys cycling, industrial design, hip hop and big
     band jazz. His hero is Jane Jacobs.



     Sherry Wu, Country Manager China, Better Cotton Initiative

     In May 2012, Sherry Wu joined the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) China Office as the chief
     representative and country manager who oversees BCI activities in China. Before joining BCI,
     she was the Associate Director of Cotton Incorporated, Supply Chain Marketing Asia. Ms. Wu
     graduated from China Textile University with a master’s degree in textile materials.




     Abhishek Bansal, Head of Sustainability, Arvind Limited

     As the current Head of Sustainability at Arvind Limited, Abhishek Bansal oversees the Sustainability
     efforts across the group operations. He is devising the strategy to reduce the Energy, Material,
     Water, Carbon & Chemical footprint of the organization and leading several innovative practices in
     the apparel industry. Abhishek is also on the Board of Directors of ZDHC.

     Before joining Arvind, Abhishek has worked in the Sustainability & Environmental Consulting domain
     for more than ten years. He has helped several large organisations to define the  Sustainability 
     Strategy and assisted in Implementation of various renewable energy and
     energy efficiency initiatives.


     Evonne Tan, Data Management & China Strategy Director, Textile Exchange

     Evonne spent the past 20 years improving data and reporting for companies around the world. From
     a manufacturing background, she moved on to consultancy with PwC and IBM, project
     management with Wessex Water before settling into the sustainability sector with CSR Consultancy.
     A graphic designer on the side, Evonne is passionate about data visualization and using data to tell
     a story.

     Evonne started working with Textile Exchange in 2009, leading on data collection, analytics,
     reporting and consumer engagement. Currently, the Director of Data Management and China
     Strategy, Evonne holds two different portfolios in the company: one that focuses on creating value
     from data for textile sustainability and another to promote sustainable fiber and materials growth
     in the Chinese market.


     Hardeep Desai, Senior Director Farm Innovations,
     CottonConnect South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

     Hardeep has over 15 years of professional experience within the development sector. During his
     career he has worked with a UN Agency, NGOs, a government organisation and a social
     enterprise in India and other countries of South Asia. He has worked in the fields of Sustainable
     Cotton,  Rural and Tribal Development, Child Protection, and Water and Sanitation.

     He has been working with CottonConnect for nearly seven years. He looks after CottonConnect’s
     BCI program implementation in India and South Asia. He works closely with farmers, local
     partners and other stakeholders at a grass root level. He is passionate about working with farmers
     and their families to transform their lives by adopting a holistic approach.



     Phil Townsend, Technical Lead – Environmental Sustainability and Technical Services, Marks & Spencer

     Phil is responsible for delivering the environmental sustainability program for M&S’ Clothing & Home
     business. Working with the central Plan A team, buying teams, sourcing offices and suppliers, he
     leads the development and implementation of the key raw material strategies used within M&S.
     He also works on other projects to develop sustainable supply chains from farm to store – including
     traceability, animal welfare, chemical compliance and leading the eco-factory programme.

     Phil has spent over 20 years at M&S. Prior to his current role he worked as a Product Technologist,
     where he was responsible for product development, supply chain management, innovation and
     quality management. He has been Vice Chairman on the BCI Council for the last two years and
     has just been elected onto the ZDHC Board of Directors.


     Pramit Chanda, Country Director India and Program Director
     Cotton & Apparel Program,
    IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative

     Pramit has been the fund Director for the Better Cotton Growth & Innovation Fund since its
     inception in 2016, IDH is a strategic partner to BCI and supports them on driving market
     transformation, innovations and improving sector governance. In his role as IDH India country
     Director he is responsible for sustainability programs on Tea, Fruits & Vegetables, worker safety
     and Spices.

     Over past 11 years, he has worked with retailer brands, textile supply chain and civil society in key
     textile markets to mainstream the adoption of sustainable raw material including cotton. Prior to IDH,
     he worked at IKEA for 5 1/2 years, responsible for IKEA’s global sustainable cotton to secure that
     IKEA meet the goal of a 100% Sustainable Cotton by 2015.


     Eliane Augareils, Monitoring & Evaluation ManagerBetter Cotton Initiative

     Eliane’s focus is on research in collaboration with universities and leading the Delta Project, which
     aims at developing a common set of cross-commodity indicators to measure and report on
     sustainability improvements.

     Before BCI, Eliane was based in the Netherlands and worked over 5 years for Triodos Bank, a Dutch
     sustainable bank focusing on sustainable change, as a Sr. Investment Officer dedicated to the
     finance of sustainable agriculture in emerging markets.

     She previously spent 8 years with Positive Planet (formerly PlaNet Finance), an NGO fostering
     economic inclusion of fragile populations worldwide, which brought her from Mexico to Portugal and
     then to the head office in Paris. Initially performing tasks as a project manager and microfinance Sr.
     expert, she eventually led the Knowledge Management of the organisation.


     Lauren McCarthy, Deputy Director of the Centre for Research into Sustainability,
     Royal Holloway, University of London

     Dr Lauren McCarthy’s research centres on responsible business and sustainability. Specifically, she
     researches gender and inequalities within production in global value chains. To what extent is
     gender inequality exacerbated, or eased, through CSR, or social enterprise? Methodologically,
     Lauren's research promotes participatory, often visual, methods. She is also interested in
     contemporary feminism, particularly online feminist activism and social change facilitated through
     digital spaces. She is currently researching the cotton industry in India.

     Lauren joined Royal Holloway in January 2017, after moving from Copenhagen Business School,
     Denmark. Previously she has also held research roles at the International Centre for Corporate
     Social Responsibility (ICCSR) at the University of Nottingham, where she received her PhD.


     Christian Barthel, Director of Business Development, Cotton made in Africa

     Christian Barthel has spent 26 years of his life abroad and supported different organizations of the
     Otto group in sourcing textiles and implementing different sustainable raw-materials into their supply
     chains. Christian has a vast background in sourcing of textiles from the global markets. Today, he
     represents Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) and supports retailers and brands in the implementation of
     CmiA in the global ready garment production markets.

     CmiA is the largest label for sustainably produced cotton from Africa. Since its 
     creation, it has set for itself the goal to protect the environment and help Sub Saharan African
     smallholder cotton farmers and ginnery workers improve their living and working conditions. To put
     this aim into practice, the initiative’s approach focuses on activating market forces instead of aid.



     Michelle Tarry, Senior Director of Responsible Sourcing,
     American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO)

     In her role as Senior Director or Responsible Sourcing, Michelle oversees the social and
     environmental programs in AEO’s supply chain. She has worked in the areas of labor, worker rights
     and sustainability for more than 15 years, starting her career with the International Labor
     Organization in China. She subsequently worked with Intertek to help clients build CSR programs,
     and ANN Inc. where she focused on social compliance. Michelle holds college and graduate
     degrees from the University of Oregon and New York University (NYU).




     Andy Zhong, Marketing Director, Prosperity Textile

     Andy Zhong joined Prosperity Textile as Marketing Director in 2014, and leads the marketing and
     corporate sustainability team, Bangladesh and Vietnam office of the company. He has over ten
     years’ experience in marketing, sustainability management and business development including his
     service at China Sunergy Co. Ltd and Nanfang Media Group. Andy holds a B.S. in Management
     from Sun Yat-sen University.





     Şükran Bayçura, General Manager, IPUD

     Currently based in Turkey, Şükran manages IPUD (Good Cotton Practices Association), a Strategic
     Partner of BCI. Şükran has earned a Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development and
     a B.A. in Public Administration. Prior to joining IPUD, Şükran worked in Canada, Spain and Turkey
     with a variety of NGOs specializing in the social and economic integration of marginalized
     populations, as well as with private institutions focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility.




     Alison Ward, CEO, CottonConnect

     As the CEO of CottonConnect, Alison leads a team of 45 employees and over 700 implementing
     associates in India, Pakistan, China and Peru, impacting  the lives of a 3.5 million farming families.

     Alison has over 20 years of international experience in sustainability and corporate affairs, shaping
     system change and translating social impact programmes into commercial value within the
     FMCG, food and apparel sectors.

     With a mission to drive scalable change, Alison serves as an Advisory Board Member at Textile
     Exchange and on Forum for the Future’s Working Group, Cotton 2040. She also sat on the
     Sustainability Advisory Committee for the London Olympic Games and has been a Coach and
     Mentor to commercial teams at WWF and the Ethical Trade Initiative.


     Amit Shah, CEO and Founding Director, Spectrum International

     Amit has 20 years of experience within the textile industry ranging from farming, ginning, spinning,
     knitting, weaving and garmenting. His vision was always to work in India for the development of
     weaker sections of society through business to, not only excite the bottom-line, but add value to the
     people of this country and possibly the world. It is with this vision that all of Spectrum's businesses,
     whether producing sustainable fibres and sustainable end-product textiles or providing sourcing
     services to sustainability driven retailers, ensure they operate where profits are matched with social
     and economical development of all stakeholders at their strategy's core. Thus, Amit’s strength lies in
     bringing ideas that often stay in the realm of non-profits to commercial fruition. Today Spectrum
     constitutes of over 250 employees and partners serving over 80,000 farmers spread over 4 states of
     India. Spectrum also works with multiple leading global retailers in different capacities.


     Gundolf Klaehn, Project Manager, German Partnership for Sustainable Textile

     Gundolf is responsible for the management of all activities related to fibres and wastewater
     management. Before he joined the Partnership, he was heading the China component of the
     regional project Social and Labour Standards in the Textile and Garment Industry in Asia (SLSG)
     with the focus on improving social, labour and environmental standards in Asia.

     Previous he managed the project on “Water Efficiency in the Textile Industry” in Pakistan. Before
     that, he worked in GIZ as advisor of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and
     Development (BMZ) on chemicals and waste conventions, and the international agreement on
     sustainable chemical management. His professional career Gundolf started in the corporate
     development unit of GIZ. Gundolf holds a Master’s Degree in Geography, Political Science and
     Agricultural Economics of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, Germany.


     Mostafiz Uddin, Managing Director, Denim Expert Ltd.

     Denim Expert Ltd. is a cutting edge, specialized denim manufacturing plant based in the port city of
     Chittagong in Bangladesh. Through his passion and skill in producing innovation in denim, Mr.
     Mostafiz curved out his niche both in national and international denim sector. He is promoting the
     apparel industry of Bangladesh & founded Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) to support
     sustainable growth of the country’s apparel industry. The flagship event of BAE Bangladesh Denim
     Expo has become a much-awaited event in the international denim calendar and redefined
     Bangladesh’s role on the global denim scene. Mr. Mostafiz Uddin also spearheaded different
     initiatives for the development of the apparel sector of Bangladesh. He has established Denim
     Innovation Center in Bangladesh and he conducts regular training programs on denim design and
     trends for building knowledge to local industry professionals. He has also initiated Bangladesh
     Fashionology Summit to bring together all the latest technologies & innovations in the fashion world
     under one roof in Dhaka in February 2018.


     Amy Jackson, Director of MembershipBetter Cotton Initiative

     As part of the Executive Group at BCI, Amy contributes to shaping and delivering the organisational strategy to transform the cotton sector for a more sustainable future. She is responsible for developing the strategy for the Membership team, overseeing member recruitment and engagement and the integrity of the BCI Chain of Custody. Amy has strong expertise in multi-stakeholder engagement and membership development, having held similar positions at the Ethical Trading Initiative and ISEAL Alliance, where she also led global consultations to develop the ISEAL Credibility Principles and the Claims Good Practice Guide. Amy started her career with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in commercial engagement, then moved to leading its global Chain of Custody programme.




     Isabelle Roger, Senior Manager Corporate Engagement, Solidaridad Network

     In her roles at Solidaridad Network Isabelle aims to drive demand for sustainable cotton and
     coordinates the programme across South America, Africa and Asia. Prior to joining Solidaridad,
     she contributed to establishing the operations and governance of the Better Cotton Initiative
    een 2008 and 2014. In 2018, she made a comeback as a BCI Council member. A French
     national, having
    lived in many countries, Isabelle has a passion for Intercultural Communication.




     Tim North, Co-CEO, ECOM USA

     Tim started in the cotton business in1978 joining Weil Brother-Cotton, inc as a cotton management
     trainee. In1983, he transferred to Paraguay, South America to open operations for Weil, eventually
     opening further South American operations during the 1980's in Argentina and Brazil and returning
     to the USA where he managed Weil, South American operations and was nominated as Vice
     President of Weil Brothers in 1995. In 2003, Tim was promoted to co-manage all Weil's non-U.S.
     cottons and opened offices in China for Weil, subsequently becoming Senior Vice President of Weil

     Then, in 2009 Weil exited the cotton business to join Ecom, USA, becoming Co-CEO of Ecom,
     USA in 2016. In March 2019, he transferred to Ecom Agroindustrial in Lausanne, Switzerland to
     manage the Global Merchandising desk for the Ecom cotton group.


     Amélia Jorge Sidumo, Senior Regional Coordinator - Southern Africa, Better Cotton Initiative

     Amelia has worked for BCI for the last 7 years. In Mozambique her work is done in collaboration with
     the stakeholders in cotton sector, namely: The Cotton Institute of Mozambique, The Cotton
     Concessions, and other parties with interests in the cotton sector. Before joining BCI she worked as
     a senior researcher and Professor at the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering at Eduardo
     Mondlane University, Maputo Mozambique, where she earned her BSC in Crop Protection. She
     completed her Master degree in 2004 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in the field of Entomology
     where she integrated Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Predicting pest migration patterns.
     In 2012 she completed her PhD in Agronomy at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where her
     research focused on Integrated Pest Management, with a Minor in Agricultural Economics.


     Laila Petrie, Textiles and Cotton Network Lead, World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)

     Laila Petrie is WWF's global lead on cotton and textiles. She oversees WWF textiles programmes in
     10 countries around the world and leads the development of WWF's textiles sector strategy,
     research and partnership work with some of the world’s largest textiles brands

     She is currently the Vice-Chair of the UNFCCC fashion platform, and has worked with SAC, ECAP,
     Textile Exchange, the UN 10YFP programme, and the Alliance for Water Stewardship in advisory or
     board roles. Laila is also the CEO of 2050, an independent consultancy working to support a rapid
     transition to a sustainable future.




     Dr. Pei Liang, Co-Founder and President, China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA)

     Mr. Pei Graduated from the School of Trade & Economics, Renmin University. From 1991 to 2000,
     Mr Pei worked for the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Internal Trade and the National Bureau
     of Internal Trade of People’s Republic of China. Mr Pei has been dedicated to industry research and
     policy formulation to promote the development of chain and franchise industry, E-commerce and
     retailing modernization in China. He also took part in the drafting and formulation of Regulations on
     Administration of Commercial Franchise
    in China. He also played a major role in drafting of
     Classification of types of operation in retail business, and Industrial Standard of Commercial
     Franchise Administration System
    , and more.










     Zhang Lian Jing, Research & Development Center / General Manager,
     Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd.

     Zhang Lian Jing has long been engaged in the technical development and management of the
     textile industry. He has a high level of expertise in the development of chemical fibre raw materials,
     new yarns and new fabrics as well as marketing and enterprise management. With more than 10
     national invention patents, the project “Integrated Development of Key Technologies for High-
     Conditional Wet Polyester Fibre and Products”, which was mainly completed under his guidance,
     won the second prize at the National Science and Technology Progress Awards and was promoted
     and applied in the whole industry.







     Fernando Rati, Sustainability Manager, ABRAPA

     Fernando Rati is an Agricultural Engineer with a Masters in Agricultural Economics from the Federal
     University of Lavras (UFLA) and International Business from Northern Michigan University. He is
     currently an adviser to ABRAPA for sustainability issues and FAO for plant health.





    Heinrich Schultz, Founder and Managing Director, OrganiMark

     OrganiMark Group is an international business specialized in Virtual Value Chain Integration that
     enables brands to effectively unlock the value of supply flexibility solutions and sustainable sourcing
     through process innovation and operations visibility from farm to consumer. Heinrich is the Vice
     Chair of the global Textile Exchange and his experience spans 25 years of working with farmers,
     brands and other industry value chain stakeholders across the globe.




     Patricia Jurewicz, Founder and Vice President,
     Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN)


     Responsible Sourcing Network champions human rights in the mining and harvesting of raw
     materials found in products we use every day. Since 2006, Patricia has worked with the shareholder
     community to address labor and human rights abuses. She writes and speaks extensively on the
     issues of modern slavery, benchmarking, traceability, and supply chains. Patricia sits on advisory
     committees for Know the Chain, ICCR’s Human Trafficking Group, and Cotton Campaign. Her latest
     project is YESS: Yarn Ethically & Sustainably Sourced, which aims to eliminate forced labor from
     cotton sourcing globally. 
    Preceding As You Sow, she researched US adherence to global treaties at
     IATP; at Gap, Inc. she rewrote the company’s Vendor Handbook; and she volunteered with women's
     craft cooperatives in Latin America. Patricia has degrees from Thunderbird School of Global
     Management, Cornell University, and Fashion Institute of Technology.



     Subindu Garkhel, Cotton Product Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

     Subindu Garkhel has hands on commercial experience of working at different stages in the clothing
     industry in India, Bangladesh and the UK. With a Masters in Social development from the top
     International Development University, she brings in a perspective and sensibility of the challenges
     and realities of both worlds. She is passionate about participatory and inclusive approach to
     development. This is aligned with the principles of Fairtrade, where she works. She looks after
     cotton and textiles here. She is an advisory council board member for Textile Exchange.





    Lena Staafgard, COO, Better Cotton Initiative

     Lena always wanted a career with purpose. As Chief Operating Officer at BCI,
     Lena loves that she works for an organisation with a single mission and clear
     focus that directly benefits smallholder cotton farmers around the world. Lena
     has a background in sustainability and holds degrees in Politics
     and Geography, and Environment and Development. She is inspired by commitment and by people
     who follow their values and passions, even if it means taking the road less travelled.




     Susan McCutcheon, Grower hosted by Cotton Australia,
     from Narromine NSW Australia

     Susan McCutcheon is a second generation cotton farmer from Narromine in Central West NSW,
     Australia.  Along with her husband, sons and daughter’s in law, Sue is closely involved in the family
     farming business that includes mixed cropping and earthmoving. For over 20 years, Susan managed
     the farming operation that includes growing irrigated cotton over the summer, implementing the
     myBMP (Best Management Practices) program, managing staff and marketing the crop.

     In more recent years, Susan has had the opportunity to take up a number of leadership positions in
     the cotton industry, including as a Cotton Australia Director.  Using her significant experience as a
     cotton grower and community leader, Sue is now focussed on contributing to the strategic planning
     and governance of the Australian cotton industry.



    Shen Ren Bin, General Manager, Jin Tian Large Farm

     Jin Tian Large Farm has done a great job in promoting biodiversity protection and Integrated Pest
     and Disease Management. It is here that Mr. Shen Ren Bin acts as General Manager in Akesu,
     Xinjiang China. Jin Tian became a Better Cotton IP beginning 2013. Before that, Jin Tian was a local
     partner of IKEA’s TBC project in China. Mr. Shen has many years of large farm management
     experience and attended the BCI Global Member meeting in Istanbul in 2015.





    Daren Abney, Membership Engagement Manager, Better Cotton Initiative

     Daren Abney joined the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) as the Membership Engagement Manager in
     2014, where he focuses on servicing members and ultimately supporting their procurem
    ent of
     Better Cotton. This includes work in global supply chain engagement, training Retailers
     and Brands, and event management. Prior to BCI, Daren worked as Global Membership Manager at
     Textile Exchange for 6 years, focused on sustainability related issues for the textile supply chain.
     Daren has a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Texas Tech University and is currently based
     in Texas.




     Sourav Das, Global Denim Development Responsible,
     H&M Denim Development Center, Shanghai

     Having been a Denim Researcher & Developer, Sourav has performed multiple roles for last 12
     years from Design Manager to Global Denim Development responsible in the field of denim
     production at South East Asian Region. At this moment, Sourav leads the Denim development
     team across China region, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Turkey for their respective mills and
     washing laundries. He builds up seasonal collection and works on trends, sustainable innovation
     (in terms of yarn, dyeing, washing, finishing etc) and overall development strategy for H&M denim
     production. He has been actively involved in strategizing the upcoming challenges and opportunities
     for H&M Sustainability’s approach towards Denim. In the given role he’s been one of the key stake
     holders in developing the PCW supply chain since 2013 for many mills with sustainable footprints,
     especially “Post Consumer Recycle Cotton” which has became a prime focus in today’s H&M
     cotton roadmap.


     Susan Ho, Sr. Project Manager Sustainability,
     adidas Sourcing Limited, LO Taiwan

     Susan Ho, has been working with adidas for more than 10 years, holding different positions in the
    as of Planning & Sustainability at Apparel Materials Sourcing. In her current role as Sr. Project
     Manager Sustainability, she is the main driver of sustainable materials in adidas, for which they hit
     100% of their sustainable cotton target in 2018.


     On top of sustainable materials, Susan also focusses on Environmental programs to reduce water,
     energy and waste usage; as well as to build Chemical Management knowledge in the adidas supply
     chain. She also participates in Textile Recycling and Microfiber Shedding projects by conducting
     research and trials from the sourcing side.


     Brooke Summers, Program Manager – Cotton to Market, Cotton Australia

     Brooke Summers oversees Cotton Australia’s supply chain marketing strategy.  She has worked in
     strategic communication, marketing and community engagement for Australia’s agriculture sector for

     over 20 years including with Landcare Australia, the vegetable and rice industries and the Australian
     cotton industry, where she’s spent most of her time for over 15 years.  Most recently Brooke has
     been responsible for the development and implementation of Cotton Australia’s Cotton to Market
     Strategy, a multi-stakeholder project to position Australian cotton in the world textile market. A past 
     Chair of the International Forum for Cotton Promotion, member of the Australian Cotton Conference
     Committee since 2012, current working group member of global initiative Cotton 2040 and a
     member of the Australian Cotton Sustainability Working Group, Brooke has a strong knowledge of
     cotton production, sustainability and supply chain marketing. 



     Alexander Ellebrecht, Senior Business Developer, ChainPoint

     Alexander leads the business development team and has been responsible for several international
     projects to improve sustainability and quality through better collaboration between different
     stakeholders. Alexander is the key account manager for many ChainPoint customers including BCI,
     the Rainforest Alliance and many more.




     Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki, R&D, Planning and Operations Manager, Orta Anadolu

     Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki has been a true advocate for sustainability for more than 10 years, with superior
     expertise in translating customers’ needs into innovative solutions by interpreting company strengths
     with proven ability to drive productivity, enhance profitability, and foster R&D. For over 20 years,
     Sedef has championed innovation and sustainability practices in the denim industry, currently
     leading ORTA Anadolu Denim’s Sales & Marketing, PD, R&D, Planning and Operations. ORTA is the
     leading global denim fabric manufacturer pioneering sustainability practices that are positively
     moving the industry towards a circular and more sustainable stewardship. Sedef has authored
     several articles on improving methodologies, and is the author of Customized International
     Investment Decisions, 
    available on Amazon. She holds a PhD degree in Textile Technology
     and Management. A proud mother of two daughters with a love for running, Sedef is passionate
     about creating and promoting a sustainable lifestyle in her daily life.


     Alan McClay, CEO, BCI

     Alan McClay was appointed CEO of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) in September 2015.

     From 2011 to 2015 Alan McClay worked as a consultant advising firms and trade bodies on
     not-for-profit strategy and management, and on sustainable sourcing policies and standards. From
     2004 to 2009 he was CEO of CIES – the Food Business Forum, an international platform for food
     retail businesses which has since merged with brand associations to become the Consumer Goods
     Forum, of which he was the first Managing Director. During his tenure at CIES the organisation
     launched the Global Food Safety Initiative and the Global Social Compliance Programme. 
     Alan McClay serves on the Board of the International Cotton Association.




     Eva Benavidez Clayton, Sr. Communications Manager, BCI

     Eva leads the Communications Team at BCI, overseeing both corporate and member led
     communications. Her team focuses on proactively shaping the BCI story and leveraging
     opportunities to articulate the results BCI has seen thus far and to share aspects of the journey in a
     way that promotes continuous improvement amongst all stakeholders. She is also part of BCI’s
     Leadership Team and contributes to the strategic direction of the organisation. Eva has been with
     BCI for over three years, and prior joining, she held diverse roles in human rights and philanthropic



     Shashikant Babra, Head – Sourcing & Quality Assurance,
     Splash Fashion & Iconic

     As head of Sourcing & Quality assurance, Shashikant Babra is responsible for strategizing and
     managing the Global sourcing operations, Product Compliance/Quality assurance and technical
     services for the brand. Shashikant Babra also leads the Sustainability initiatives in the brand in
     addition to managing product innovation and new concept developments.

     Shashikant has 19 years of experience in Manufacturing, Sourcing, Quality assurance and product
     compliance. Prior to joining Splash Fashion ,Shashikant has worked with organizations like Madura
     Fashion & Lifestyle, Kellwood Global, Triburg Consultants & Gokaldas Images. Shashikant has done
     his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture & Animal Husbandry and Masters in Garment Manufacturing
     Technology from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi


     Lisa Barratt, Africa Operations Manager, BCI

     Lisa is originally from Zimbabwe and has a background in sustainable development and capacity 
     building in Africa. She comes most recently from the Ethical Fashion Initiative building operations
     for an extensive capacity building programme for marginalized people and artisans in communities
     to meet the demands of the international fashion market. Lisa developed tools to monitor and ensure
     social and environmental compliance. She managed the assessment, impact and evaluation
     activities across the various projects of the Ethical Fashion Initiative in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia,
     Burkina Faso, Mali and Haiti. Lisa has previously worked in the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe and
     Kenya with a commercial enterprise that produces organic essential oils, and her role was preparing
     training sessions for small holder farmers on organic practices and preparation for organic



     Marianna Tsien, Senior Director Business Development and Membership,
     Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

     Overseeing the APAC region, Marianna focuses on connecting with the members, guiding them to
     tools and resources to drive adoption of Higg tools, as well as through supply chain collaboration
     among members. She organizes regional round table discussions, manufacturer forums in the
     region, and identify fund raising opportunity to develop and deploy effective tools to members in the
     supply chain to bring ripple effect on impact improvement.

     Prior to joining the SAC, Marianna was managing the Supply Chain Sustainability program at
     ascena in Asia, the mother company of ANN INC. She developed the implementation strategy and
     pilot with strategic suppliers, both tier 1 and 2, to build business cases and roadmaps to scale up the
     programs (social/ labor, women empowerment and Higg FEM) for impact improvement.


     Rachel Lim, AMA Head of Corporate Affairs, Levi Strauss & Co.

     Rachel heads up corporate affairs for LS&Co. in AMA and is based in the Singapore regional
     headquarters. In this role, she works with the leadership team to drive both internal and external
     communications to promote and protect LS&Co.’s reputation and to ensure employees are engaged
     and understand how they contribute to the success of the company. Always seeing opportunity and
     a huge believer of collaboration, Rachel connects the dots and is always looking to tell the stories of
     the people she works with.

     In her previous life, she worked in Dyson, a global technology company, heading up communications
     for the R&D team in Asia-Pacific. Before Dyson, she was with the British High Commission in
     Singapore, supporting British MNCs operating in the region.



     Marc Lewkowitz, President and C.E.O., Supima

     Marc Lewkowitz was named the President & C.E.O. of Supima in January 2016 and had previously
     been the Executive Vice President since January 2003. Supima is headquartered in Tempe, AZ and
     is the promotional and marketing organization for the American Pima cotton growers. Supima
     manages a global licensee network of over 500 licensees, including over 200 brand/retailers in 4
     countries approved to use the SUPIMA® trademark. Lewkowitz is a native of Toronto, Canada, and
     a graduate of both the University of Western Ontario and the Memphis Cotton Exchange
     International Cotton School. He began his career in 1990, when he started in the business at a
     family-owned gin in Paraguay and has worked as a trader and manager for firms including
     ContiCotton, Merrill Lynch, Itochu Cotton and Anderson Clayton/Queensland Cotton. The business
     has taken him from posts in Paraguay to Australia, Mexico and the United States.



     Liza Schillo, Senior Manager, Global Product Sustainability, Levi Strauss & Co.

     Liza has been with Levi Strauss & Co. for nearly five years, directing LS&Co.’s climate change and
     sustainable product strategies.  Liza is responsible for ensuring LS&Co. achieves 100% sustainably
     sourced cotton and viscose for its products by end of 2020.  These corporate commitments are part
     of a broader internal initiative to move LS&Co. toward a more sustainable and circular product
     strategy, work Liza guides internally in partnership with her cross-functional colleagues.  In 2018,
     Liza led the company to adopt new climate change targets for LS&Co. and its supply chain.  Their
     corporate commitment to a 90% internal reduction and 40% supply chain reduction in carbon
     emissions is industry-leading and has been officially approved by the Science-Based Targets
     Initiative. Liza holds an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Duke
     University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of North
     Carolina at Chapel Hill. When Liza is not at work, she is happily on her mountain bike.

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