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    Aviation Cyber Resilience Workshop 4: Overcoming cyber threats with progressive regulations and developing a cyber secure aviation industry in Asia Pacific


    0815 – 0830hrs

    Welcoming comments, purpose/objectives

    Session 1 panel discussion: Data protection and privacy

    As the travel and leisure sector comes firmly into scope of international and local data regulators, what do you need to know about how your organisation could be affected and what should you do to get prepared?

    Moderator: Richard Watson / Lead Partner APAC Cyber, Ernst and Young


    • Leah Parker / Senior Manager Data Protection & Chief Privacy Officer, Air NewZealand
    • Dr. Kitti Kosavisutte / Senior Vice President, Bangkok Bank PCL
    • Ben Wootliff  / Partner, Control Risks
    • Dr. Sitdhinai Chantranon / Director, Legal and General Administration, Thai Airways International PCL

    0830 – 1000hrs


    Photo Session (1000 - 1015hrs)

    Coffee Break (1015 – 1030hrs)

    Session 2: Aligning your investments, people, processes and tools

    It can be quite overwhelming - but where do you start when building your cyber program? How do you know the most valuable areas to focus your cyber budget on? What is going to be your best investment,  is it your people? Or do you need to focus on your technology?  Each company will need to approach this a little differently but understanding the “fives knows of Cyber security” (a well defined yet simple methodology developed by Telstra) will provide guidance for this workshop. 1. Know the value of your data 2. Know who has access to it 3. Know where it is located 4. Know who is protecting your data 5. Know how well your data is protected.  This session will provide you with a great foundation for what and how to protect your company data.  It will be a hands on session where you will be working out the best way to protect your fictious aviation company.  You’ll walk away with practical skills on how to most effectively uplift your cyber posture

    Moderator: Yvette Lejins / Head of Cyber Security, Jetstar Airways

    1030 - 1200hrs

    Lunch Break (1200hrs to 1300hrs)

    Session 3: Case study on developing a cyber culture and awareness

    With cyber attacks increasingly being used to target humans as the weakest link, this session will focus on how an organisation can build a cyber awareness program and embed a cyber security culture. This session will include a case study from the Qantas Group illustrating how it has built a company-wide cyber security awareness and culture program and driven cyber accountability at all levels of the organisation. A practical interactive workshop will be used to design a cyber security awareness program for an organisation taking a staged approach from a basic program through to more advanced programs and which takes account of the experience of participants as well as areas of good practice from the global aviation and other industries. Participants will be able to apply the learnings from this session to their own organisation to strengthen their own ‘human firewall’

    Moderator: Jasmin Harvey / Head of Group Cyber Risk, Resilience and Governance, Qantas Airways Limited

    1300 - 1430hrs

    Session 4: Internal and external communications on incident response

    As the likelihood of your organisation being impacted by cyber incidents grows, whether directly or indirectly, the level of preparedness and effectiveness of your operations, incident response and crisis communication teams to respond to such events will be put to the test. How such events are managed can have a major effect on the organisation such as economically and reputation. When experiencing such events, it is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure that the authorities, stakeholders, media, employees and the general public are kept informed. 

    Managing a cyber-crisis requires established processes. procedures and planning which should have been practiced through simulation exercises to ensure effective and timely statements and communications. This session therefore will provide through hands on exercises how to focus, prepare and provide effective communications during a public cyber crisis. Participants should be able to apply the learnings from this session to their own organisation to better communicate internally and externally

    Moderator: Anthony Phillips / Managing Director, Euro Asia Communications

    1430 - 1530

    Coffee Break (1530-1600hrs)

    Session 5 panel discussion: Aircraft cyber security

    Aviation, from a cyber security perspective, operates on a complex interconnected environment and faces similar risks, threats and vulnerabilities, like any other industry sectors. Recognising the increasing cyber threats aviation is facing, this panel aims to discuss and differentiate between cyber threats that are unlawful interference on aircraft (that affects safety of flight) and cyber threats on information assets (non-aircraft related), and assist industry stakeholders to better prioritize protection of critical aviation systems. Moreover, this panel discussion aims to provide an understanding on possible cyber-attacks and what is not possible, dispel some of the myths and focus on efforts on securing systems that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks

    Moderator: Jasmin Harvey / Head of Group Cyber Risk, Resilience and Governance, Qantas Airways Limited


    • Jeff Troy / President, CEO, Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center (A-ISAC)
    • Amitabh Srivastava / CEO & Regional Director (Asia Pacific) Dreamlab Technologies
    • Ross Lockie / Regional Officer, Aviation Security & Facilitation, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

    1600 - 1700hrs


    1700 - 1730hrs

    Closing 1730hrs

    Networking Drinks Session (1730-1930hrs)

    Note: All participants must register online prior to their attendance to the workshop. Registration to the workshop is free for all participants, there are no fees associated with attending the event.  It must be noted space is limited, and therefore registration will be on first-come, first-served basis. Early registrations are highly recommended due to the high number of expected delegates

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Aviation Cyber Resilience Project Workshop 4


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