EPFL Startup Champions Seed Night 2020

hosted by EPFL Alumni - Venturelab - EPFL Vice Presidency for Innovation

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Start: 28 Sep 2020

End: 28 Sep 2020

  • The 20 startups that will take part in the pitch competition:

      Lukas Huber, Cofounder

    We provide a software as a tool to easily reprogram collaborative robots for difficult task.  The modular software has a graphical programming interface which allows intuitive combination of the deep-tech algorithms. Our customers are manufacturers with varying production line which need a flexible & interactive robot (focus on SME's in CH).

    ARCOSCREEN, Margaux Duchamp, Founder
    ArcoScreen aims at revolutionizing drug screening targeting G protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR). GPCRs are the most successful drug targets to treat cancer, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diseases amongst others, with a market expected to rise from 0.14 billion $ to 1.76 billion $ in 2025. Our novel solution SynScreen enables pharma companies to screen thousands of compounds targeting GPCRs in few minutes instead of hours, thanks to our simple, automated, nonradioactive multiplexed microfluidic assay, combining all current state of the art screening methods in a single faster one.

      Florent Héroguel, Co-founder & COO
    Bloom reveals the hidden value of biomass to provide renewable energy and materials in markets such as fragrances, plastics or textiles. For the first time, Bloom offers products which are both sustainable, high quality and cost competitive.

      Tom Lachkar, Co-founder & CCO
    Caulys-Farm is a smart (automated, connected, modular) indoor greenhouse that integrates agriculture and healthy eating into our lives. It allows to easily grow on-site excellent products in a sustainable way (less water, packaging and waste).

    Luc Piguet, Co-founder & CEO
    We remove failed satellites from space for space agencies and commercial constellation operators. ClearSpace has been selected by ESA for a ground breaking mission to remove one of their objects from Space by 2025.

      Amaël Cohades, Co-Founder & CEO
    Composites are widely used in aerospace, automotive, windmill and sport industries (global market of $83 billion). However, they are sensitivity to damage; which limits their durability. CompPair brings on the market healable and sustainable composite material solutions to solve this problem.

      Samantha Anderson, Founder & CEO
    PET plastic is a 50 billion CHF industry, where only 25% of the 485 billion PET containers made were recycled (USA, 2016). Depolymerization of PET plastic to its main chemicals, can help us become less reliant on plastic made from oil by making virgin quality PET plastic from our post-consumer PET waste.

     Ulrike Kettenberger, Founder
    Flowbone is the first biomaterial that interventional radiologists can easily inject into the hips to prevent fractures of high-risk patients. Unlike drugs and cements, it quickly reinforces the bone, preserves its biological functions, and is very cost-effective. The market is $12 billion.

      Johan Wüthrich, Founder & CEO
    kaiosID is a traceability solution for consumer goods. It allows brands to fight counterfeiting and illicit trade and build consumer trust and awareness by adding smartphone readable, invisible and unique hidden random patterns on the product's packaging. Unlike competitors active in this billion dollar industry, our solution has no impact on the packaging design, its integration into production lines is seamless and can maintain the productivity while being easy to scan with any smartphone.

      Luc Henry, CMO
    We decentralize the manufacture of gene-therapies and bring its production from dedicated facilities to the hospitals, closer to the patient. We offer a smart bioreactor and its plastic single use kit allowing healthcare providers to automatically produce those therapies on site. Millions of patients can yearly be cured amounting to a market of 16 billion $.


       Maxime Gabella, Founder
    Human learning enhanced by machine learning. We provide the AI platform for people who thrive by learning in universities, companies, and institutions.

     John Jost, Director
    Lasers are a key part of many technologies, but these are often limited by the purity of a laser's color. MicroR has technology for greatly improving this (roughly a thousand times purer) and in a package that 20 times smaller than existing technology. We are currently developing this for a range of applications from space and defense to automotive. 

      Luca Reut, Business Development Manager
    NextKidney is developing the NeoKidney, the first truly portable home hemodialysis device which offers (back) freedom in the daily life of people with kidney failure, a disease impacting more than 3.5 million people worldwide.

      Simon Faneco, Founder
    ratioX offers an automatic and durable eBike transmission that provides commuter cyclists with an enjoyable and carefree ride. The initial target market segment was valued at CHF 80M in 2018 and is forecast to grow to CHF 2 billion by 2030.

      Loulia Kassem, Founder
    Rea's smart pad is the world's first non-invasive test to screen for proteins in vaginal secretions related to a preterm birth risk. We have adapted and miniaturized the traditional and trusted cervicovaginal swab to a modern and friendly medical device.

       Paulo Refinetti, Founder & CEO
    Bacteria are a large part of us. A part barely understood. We enable ingredient producers to develop, optimise and commercialise a new generation of active components. Components that act through the bacterias of our body: Our microbiome.

      Marius Jatautas, Founder
    SELPH develops a convenient and accurate Sexually Transmitted Disease self-testing device. We reengineered complex diagnostic device so that any consumer could use it at home. This ensures that the test preparation is completed in 30 seconds. All the tests are performed in the privacy of home and are as reliable as in a professional laboratory.

      Saurabh Tembhurne, Founder & CEO
    SoHHytec is your caterer for solar fuel and energy needs. We provide innovative renewable system for onsite production of solar Hydrogen, Oxygen, Electricity and Heat which is cleaner and greener. We cater to the needs of industrial (steel, fertilizer, oil refining, automotive etc.), residential, and agricultural sectors. SoHHytec uses its innovative patented technology based on integrated photo-electrochemical device. SoHHytec's product - 'Arb' utilizes only the sun and water as the input resources, and converts the sunlight into a fuel by breaking the water molecule, simultaneously producing electricity and heat. We categorize our customer base into two groups according to their energy service needs: I) needing hydrogen (oxygen) as feedstock, and II) needing power.

      Sébastien Cajot, Co-founder
    Climate change and urbanization are pressuring our cities to become greener and more livable. To tackle this major challenge, urban planners still rely on pen, paper and Excel, leading to slow and costly processes, and to suboptimal plans. Our solution is Urbio, a web application that automatically generates optimized plans. Urbio reduces energy planning duration from months to minutes, and enables easier conflict resolution. We are targeting the govtech market, with an annual growth rate of 20%.

       Luca Randazzo, Co-founder
    Yago is a robotic glove for people with hand motor impairments due to e.g. stroke. Patent-pending artificial tendons enable to build a unique device for continuous use to support independence directly at home. Stroke-related hand impairments affect in US alone around 1 person/minute, accounting for a total market potential of 800M € per year.




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