5 Day: Certificate Training Meeting Design | Turnhout, Belgium

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Meeting Design School

Start: 26 Jun 2017

End: 30 Jun 2017

  • Certificate Training in Meeting Design


    Meeting Designer is the professional who designs and executes meetings, conferences and events based on measurable objectives. Meeting Professionals are seeing a huge amount of technology and other innovations and the pressure to generate more results is growing.


    Meeting professions should follow this training for main reasons:

    • to stay up to date on the latest in technology and meeting design
    • to open up career possibilities by adding meeting design on participant logistics work
    • learning to discuss and convince partners and clients on the relevance of meeting design
    • to discover an ongoing stream of information via several resources


    In small groups, the participants work on a future project that gets presented on the last day.

    This unique and multidisciplinary Certification Training in Meeting Design includes the basic principles, all the latest innovations and incorporates essential knowledge from other industries and sciences and a toolbox to enhance meeting and event effectiveness.  This training is an intense and hands-on training program on all the Meeting Design core elements. It brings fundamental classics like formats and techniques, creative group work, Interaction, Hybrid meetings, and more. In all these topics the latest innovations and technology are shown, demonstrated and used by the participants.


    The three main pillars  

    1. PROCESS: The Meeting Architecture Process (MAP) including the ROI methodology (how to work with the meeting owner end the other stakeholders to come to an innovative and successful design)
    2. TOOLBOX: The Toolbox for meeting design: formats, experts, art, AV tools, technology... (What to use and what to do to make the design come to live and make an impact)
    3. SCIENCE: Sciences and other important meeting design components like Interaction, hybrid, social media, content capturing, production, ... (What crucial things on human psychology to remember when selecting tools or formats and helping speakers to improve)

    The active involvement is verry high: hands on, practical use, group work and activities of all sorts...

    The training venue in Turnhout is a large and flexible loft that allow all sorts of furniture, room layouts and meeting formats.


    The 5-Day Certificate Training in Meeting Design 

    Meeting Design focuses on innovation in  Motivation, Networking and Learning of participants. Good meeting design aims to drive the participant’s professional action, leading to impact and improving ROI. A Meeting Design designs a meeting in four phases:

    Identifying the meeting objectives: What does this meeting need to accomplish?
    Designing the meeting based on those objectives: using the CHATTY* toolbox
    Executing the meeting: producing & making sure all is done according to plan/budget
    Assessing the measured end-results and reporting

    * Conceptual, Human, Artistic, Technical and TechnologY are the 5 categories of tools



    The Meeting Design School in Turnhout sits next to a warehouse full of meeting design tools. Not only advanced AV including the Catch-box and the necklace microphone and ICT including the latest devices, but also very unique tools like virtual presence robots like the Kubi. We also will constantly change the room lay out with a variation of furnitures and ways of using it. Then there is art; hands on with paint, clay and more.and many more tangiable tools. Not just technology, but a great mix ofe all segments in the toolbox.

    The training is very much hands on. With unique and up-to-date tools and technology, but also with formats, techniques and science.


    Who should attend this course

    Meeting planners, designers, producers, facilitators, consultants, etc. The course gives experience, innovative tools, templates, confidence and convincing language to add meeting design to the logistics conversation. It elevates meeting professionals from order takers to strategic partners.

    Meeting Design also works for suppliers such as venues, destinations etc. to make them more knowledgeable and speak the client’s language in this area.

    People from different backgrounds but all from the meeting industry and interested in designing better conferences & events.


    How this training helps meeting professionals

    After the course, Meeting planners can use Meeting Design for their own corporation or association meetings or events. They will be able to lead or facilitate workshops with meeting teams to develop objectives and design a meetings. It drives innovation, and value and therefore careers forward to future success.

    Independent and agency planners can use Meeting Design to improve their success-ratio in winning projects and secure more business. The Meeting Architecture Process, the meeting design toolbox and the measuring can always be applied: for small meetings and for large conferences. 

    Teamwork and a fun spirit around the case at hand. Creative brainstorming as well as using templates and standard forms.


    Continuing Education Hours

    The Meeting Design Institute is a CMP Preferred Provider. The participants of this training will earn 28 Continuing Education clock hours on the domain B: Project Management, domain E: Human Resources, domain F: Stakeholder Management, domain G: Meeting or Event Design and domain I: Marketing as defined by the Convention Industry Council.


    The theory, the practice and the case

    Every day has 4 segments and each segment includes a presentation full of examples and visuals. Several interval exercises, discussions, debate, etc. make it interactive and engaging. Several tools are demonstrated used every day and even operated by participants for true experience-based learning.  All the knowledge is immediately applied to a case so the practical use is tested and the information repeated. The case is constructed in group-work so the participants network and get to know other professionals well. Some evening activities are set for networking with even more participants. The last day is for case presentations, feedback summarizing and next steps.

    Practical and applicable exersises, tools and techniques. experiece different room setups, meeting formats etc.

    The Meeting Design Institute is globally active in Meeting Design for over a decade. The expertise gathered is of such magnitude that a training like this is clearly needed. If we are serious about meeting design, a certificate and a 5 day training is the next step.








Short event description

Design and execute events based on measurable objectives. This unique training includes the basic principles, the tools and technique for a dynamic and successful event, congress or meeting.


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