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    Would you like to be part of the highlight event of XPLORE Batch #2?


    At this Final Pitch Event on Tuesday, June 28, the start-ups that have been part of our program will present their ideas during a three-minute pitch. 

    This Batch #2 2022, has been packed with innovative projects, creative talents, and inspiring coaches. We are proud to finalize a journey that started with a matchmaking process between ambitious founders and motivated talents, where venture ideas were discussed, shaped, and developed.  Our participants engaged in over 70 hours of input sessions, hands-on workshops and feedback sessions with experienced coaches, all to encourage better understanding and presentation of their business idea.


    The result: new, advanced technology and concepts in the fields of  Healthcare, Built Environment, Engineering / Robotics AI, Food/Agro/BioTech, and Software/AI.


    Do you want to learn more about the teams, celebrate success, or even become part of the next XPLORE Batch yourself? Join us and register now! Get your free tickets right here.

    The OnePager booklet is available exclusively after registration in the participants' area of the event.

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    Tuesday, June 28, 2022



    3.00 pm - Start

    3.05 pm - Welcome & Intro 

    3.25 pm - Start-up Pitches - Group Healthcare

    3.36 pm - Start-up Pitches - Group Built Environment

    3.46 pm - Start-up Pitches - Group Engineering / Robotics AI

    3.57 pm - Start-up Pitches - Group Food / Agro / BioTech

    4.05 pm - Coffee Break 

    4.15 pm - Start-up Pitches - Group Software / AI

    4.50 pm - Closing 

    5.00 pm - End

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    129 attendee(s): Search
    • Milan Akim


    • Dan Bachar


    • Christoph Baier


    • Harsh Bansal


    • Magnus Baumann


    • Alexander Bernhard


    • Harsharan singh Bhatia


    • Mainak Bhattacharya


    • Zsofia Bodo


    • Achyut Bora


    • Kunj Boradia


    • Lukas Bromig


    • Fabian Buslaps


    • Clara Caminada


    • İnanç Can


    • simon chauvin


    • Emanuel Chibesakunda


    • Alfredo saul Cuevas


    • Leopold De Avila


    • Florian Dr. Becke


    • Chris Eberl


    • Etienne Eichstaedt


    • Mustafa EROL


    • Raphael Feinäugle


    • Jose Fernandez


    • Joshua Frosch


    • Praneeth Kumar Gembali


    • Selina Graf


    • Amelie Griesinger


    • Nikolas Gritsch


    • Richard Gruner


    • Vipul Gujrati


    • Uli HAB


    • Julia Häfner


    • Haben Hagos


    • R. Björk Halldorsdottir


    • Klaus Harth


    • Ralph Hartung


    • Tim Horsch


    • Eduard Huber


    • Florian Huber


    • Tobias Hundertmark


    • Dejan Jaksic


    • Almira Selin Kahya


    • Andrii Kalinichenko


    • Andrii Kalinichenko


    • Andrii Kalinichenko


    • Nico Kantas


    • Jonathan Klimesch


    • Lisa Klimesch


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The Final Pitch Event shows the outcome of the XPLORE program and the evolvement of original ideas in the fields of Healthcare, Built Environment, Engineering, Food/Agro/BioTech, and Software/AI.


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