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hosted by B.ACADEMY

Singapore, February 2017

Start: 15 Oct 2016

End: 15 Oct 2016

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    What started in 2009 as an alternative electronic cash

    payment system between individuals has become a global

    trend that will radically change the financial system and the

    way we do business in general. Big banks are very aware of

    the development and prepare to catch up with something

    that according to UBS may become “the next great thing in

    financial technology (and beyond)“ B.ACADEMY’s tech

    immersion workshop offers a jargon-free platform to drive

    tech immersion into real life business. Participants will

    receive an unique learning experience, based on a new

    didactic formula using TED style talks, social learning and

    design thinking methodologies, that are connected to the

    relevant business context of the participants. 



    This 1-day event is specifically designed for open minded

    talents from different functions within the bank. The goal is

    to get a shared understanding of the principles of the new

    technology, to understand its relevance to the own

    organization and to draw the right conclusions for future

    activities and investments. No specific IT knowledge



    What you get

    You get a basic understanding of the motives to launch

    bitcoin as first application of the new blockchain

    technology. You will learn about the concept of distributed

    ledgers and smart contracts and its application on real life

    business cases with examples from different industries. In

    interactive workshops you will be able to explore together

    with other participants potential new ideas of how the

    technology can be applied in your business. You will get in

    touch with startups and important stakeholders from the

    crypto valley such as ETHEREUM who are at the forefront of

    the technological development. During this workshop we

    not only listen to great speakers but also focus on group

    dynamics, creative thinking, ideation & reflection.


    By Whom


    1. Alex Batlin

    "Co-Founder B.ACADEMY. As global head of UBS's technology

    research services team, he is leading a bank wide

    programme exploring digital currencies and smart contracts

    on distributed ledger technologies, their impact on existing

    financial services business models and future opportunities.

    in the Europe’s largest technology accelerator for finance

    «Level 39» in London. Prior to joining UBS, Alex worked at

    Nomura, JPMorgan and CSC. He has a degree in Computer

    Science from University of Bristol“.


    2. Reto P. Gadient

    Co-Founder of B.ACADEMY, lecturer HWZ

    Reto is a former UBS executive with over 20 years

    international experience in Financial Services as Marketing

    Strategist. As co-organizer of Crypto Valley Forum Reto

    helps to position Zug as global hub for Blockchain and

    Crypto finance. He holds an EMBA and MSc in Marketing of

    Lorange Institute of Business Zurich and a BA in Education.


    3. RinoBorini​



    To be announced soon...........



    Number of participants: 90


    How Much

    Corporate tech summit for internal employees only. 


    Want to know more about tech immersion for


    Tell us about your business needs and we’ll get in touch

    directly with you to learn more and share our offers. 

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    Singapore, February 2017 050335 singapore Singapore
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