16th International Water Mist Conference

hosted by IWMA

Arcotel Wimberger Wien, Vienna, Austria

Start: 21 Sep 2016

End: 22 Sep 2016

  • Any questions? - Please get in touch with ...

    IWMA – International Water Mist Association

    Poststrasse 33

    20354 Hamburg


    Tel.: +49 (0) 40 35085-215+49 (0) 40 35085-215

    Fax: +49 (0) 40 35085-80

    Mail: info@iwma.net


    Cancellation: If after registration you find yourself being unable to attend the conference, you may change the name of the attendee without any additional costs. Cancellation less than four weeks prior to the conference will be charged with 20% of the conference fee. Cancellation less than one week prior to the conference will be charged with 50% of the conference fee.

    Force Majeur: The IWMA cannot be held liable for any event that may occur due to force majeur that may lead to changes of programme, cancellation of services and additional costs to attendees.

    Data privacy policy: The IWMA as organizer of the conference will use the attendees' data to process the registration and to organize the conference. Furthermore, the IWMA will provide information about future events and latest development in the field of fire protection. If you should disagree now or later, please send a short notice to the IWMA headquarter.

    Attendee List: At the beginning of the conference an attendee list will be distributed. There will be no e-mail addresses on this list. However, IWMA will hand out contact details when asked for. If you do not want your contact details to be handed out to third parties, please send a short notice to the IWMA headquarter.

    Photos: During the member meeting as well as during the conference itself photos will be taken. These photos may be used at a later stage in articles for magazines, to promote future IWMA events etc. If you should disagree with your image being used for such purposes, please send a short notice to the IWMA headquarter.

    Copyright: Pictures taken during the IWMC in Amsterdam in 2015 by Marco ter Beek, copyright: IWMA/ Marco ter Beek. Pictures of the Arcotel: ARCOTEL Hotels

    Registration / Acceptance of new members: Due to negative experiences in the past the IWMA cannot admit new members shortly before the conference. Delegates may only register as members if they have been accepted by the board and have paid their membership fee.

Short event description

In 2016 the International Water Mist Association will hold the IWMC in Vienna, Austria. This event will be as international as ever. More than 100 delegates from over 20 countries are expected.


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