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    Welcome to the pre-registration form for your student group tickets for FMX 2020. After finishing your pre-registration, we will shortly approve your order and send you an e-mail with an embedded link back to the ticket shop where you then please finalize your ticket order. Please find below your reduced ticket categories:
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  • Ticket information and prices for FMX 2020

    Valid for all four days at FMX 2020 from May 05-08

    Professionals:    440€ (Early Bird*: 400€)
    Students**:         200€ (Early Bird*: 180€)

    Valid for only one day at FMX 2020

    Professionals:    220€ (Early Bird*: 200€)
    Students**:        100€ (Early Bird*:   90€)

    Valid for all days at FMX 2020 (May 05-08) and ITFS 2020 (May 05-10)

    Professionals:    488€ (Early Bird*: 430€)
    Students**:         235€ (Early Bird*: 200€)


    Valid for all four days at FMX 2020 - with proof only


    *Early Bird rates are available until March 13, 2020 

    ** Student tickets are available for students, trainees, retirees and persons with special needs. Please note that a valid student ID / proof of entitlement of a relevant authority must be presented on site to pick up the ticket.

  • Questions?

    For technical support or cancellation please contact:


    For any other questions please contact:


    For latest program confirmations and further information about the conference, please visit our website:


  • Event venue

    Haus der Wirtschaft
    Willi-Bleicher-Strasse 19
    70174 Stuttgart

    Ticket Counter:
    Monday, May 04: 2pm - 6pm
    Tuesday, May 05: : 8am – 6pm
    Wednesday, May 06: 8am – 6pm
    Thursday, May 07: 8am – 6pm
    Friday, May 08: 8am – 3pm

    Combi Ticket owners:
    Please make sure to pick up your Combi Ticket for FMX 2020 and ITFS 2020 at our ticket counters at Haus der Wirtschaft. It will no longer be possible to pick up your Combi Ticket at the event venue of ITFS in the Gloria Passage.

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