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    Garage48 Tech for Humanity is a hackathon devoted to finding innovative solutions to ease and prevent humanitarian disasters.


    Taking place on June 9 - 11, 2017 at the Tehnopol Startup Incubator in Tallinn, Estonia, this hackathon awaits visionaries, developers, designers and marketers to work together and find solutions to aid humanitarian catastrophes. If You want to make the world a better place, then this hackathon is for YOU!


    There are three areas of focus at Garage48 Tech for Humanity: finding new implementations of technology to aid the refugee crisis, natural disasters and developing countries.

    According to the United Nations, there were 65 million displaced people in the world in 2016 - that is the highest number since the Second World War. Millions more suffered due to hunger and numerous natural disasters. When it comes to helping in such disasters, the effective use of information and technology are nowadays as important as food, water and medicine.


    The project partners International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Global Humanitarian Lab (GHL), NGO Mondo and Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation have mapped out the most crucial problems. Better solutions in logistics, information gathering and distribution are essential to ensure that help would quickly reach the ones who need it the most. Sustainable solutions in education and psychological help are needful to ensure the normal quality of life for displaced people. These are just a few examples of areas in need of innovation.


    During the hackathon weekend, teams will develop their ideas into working prototypes that they can then introduce to the ICRC, GHL and our other partners. From there on, the product development can continue in collaboration with the GHL or ICRC and the best solutions will be put to work at the catastrophe sites.


    What is Garage48 about?

    Garage48 is a weekend long intensive development event to work out innovative technological solutions. In 48 hours, participants turn their ideas into working prototypes. A Garage48 event is a mixture of a hackathon and an exercise from a bootstrapper's bible. With origins from Estonia & the Silicon Valley, Garage48 events evolved being the first of its kind events in rapidly developing tech countries: Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya & elsewhere.


    The event begins on a Friday night with pitching ideas and forming teams. Experienced technical mentors and field experts guide the teams towards better solutions and working prototypes by the end of the weekend. The aim of Garage48 is to bring innovative ideas and new startups into life.


    We say: Screw it, let’s do it!


    Sign up TODAY & let’s change the world together!


    Official homepage for the event and more details

    Homepage: http://garage48.org/events/garage48-tech-for-humanity


    Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/294400201012205


    All registered participants will be invited to a dedicated Slack channel where you can discuss ideas with mentors & other participants.


    Follow us on:
    Twitter @https://twitter.com/garage48

    Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/garage48

    Instagram @https://www.instagram.com/garage48/


    This event is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is organised in the collaboration of Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Garage48, with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Global Humanitarian Lab.



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    Mäealuse 2/1 12618 Tallinn Estonia
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