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    • Kurt Dirnbauer


    • Olivier Dobberkau


    • Bastian Dünhofen


    • Josef Glatz


    • Alexander Grein


    • Georg Großberger


    • Richard Haeser


    • Konstantin Hatvan


    • Martin Hofbauer


    • Attila János


    • Nico Jatzkowski


    • Markus Kappe


    • Volker Kemeter


    • Karina Kern


    • Thomas Löffler


    • Marianne Moser


    • Claudia Nikollaj


    • Michael Oehlhof


    • Thomas Paul


    • Markus Poerschke


Short event description

Join us in the heart of Europe and have a great TYPO3 event with us. You'll get 2.5 days worth of networking, learning, socializing, and connecting. Be part of it.


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