58. IALB / 8. EUFRAS Konferenz 2019 Salzburg

organisiert durch die Landwirtschaftskammer Salzburg

Heffterhof Salzburg

Beginn: Sonntag, 02.06.2019 um 15:00

Ende: Donnerstag, 06.06.2019 um 16:00


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  • Welcome in Salzburg at the 58. IALB / 8. EUFRAS Conference

    Agriculture in the tension between econimics and ecology - Advisory services and education as mediation.

    Agricultural advisory services are increasingly addressing the tensions between the economic interests of farming businesses on the one hand, and the multifaceted demands, especially with respect to the environment, that society places on agriculture on the other. Effective consulting requires reliable information about problem areas, adapted advisory methods and practical solutions, all of which can then be harnessed in the advisory process.

    Through a series of intriguing presentations, diverse workshops and variety-packed excursions on themes that include

    o role of consulting in the field of tension between economy and ecology

    o efficient and digital methods in education and advisory services

    o role of consulting and innovation in the CAP post 2020.


    The goal of the 58th IALB / 8th EUFRAS Conference is to find new paths and implementation strategies appropriate to this field of tension.


  • Overview Programm - more details "CONFERENCE PROGRAM"

  • Ticket categories

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                                        For further information please contact ialb2019@lk-salzburg.at


    You`d like to become a IALB Member? https://www.ialb.org/index.php/mitgliedserklaerung

    Ticket for not-IALB Members  (Regular Ticket) € 310,--   Conference Program from Monday till wednesday including one excursion, Welcome event on sunday, "Social get-together" on monday   

    Ticket for IALB/ SEASN/ EUFRAS members  (reduced price) € 275,--   
    (For each EUFRAS member organization a maximum of three persons can apply for the reduced ticket) Conference Program from monday till wednesday including one excursion, Welcome event on sunday, "Social get-together" on monday

    Ticket for companions  € 250,--  Welcome event on sunday, "Salzburg - Traditional arts & crafts Tour" on Monday, "social get-together" on monday, excursion on tuesday

    Guided city tour  € 12,--  on sunday 2 June

    Enrichment field trip  € 70,--  on Thursday 6 June

  • Partner

    IALB Internationale Akademie für ländliche Beratung https://www.ialb.org/

    EUFRAS European forum for agricultural and rural advisory services http://www.eufras.eu/

    SEASN South eastern europe advisory service network http://seasn.eu/


    LANDWIRTSCHAFTSKAMMER Tirol   https://tirol.lko.at/

    LANDWIRTSCHAFTSKAMMER Kärnten  https://ktn.lko.at/

    UNESCO Biosphärenpark Salzburger Lungau http://www.biosphaerenpark.eu/de/

    NATURSCHUTZBUND Österreich https://naturschutzbund.at/startseite.html

    WALDVERBAND Österreich https://www.waldverband.at/

    BIOSA Biosphäre Austria  https://www.biosa.at/index.php?lang=en


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