20th International Conference on Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE-XX)

hosted by Technologie-Transfer-Initiative an der Universität Stuttgart


Start: 10 Jul 2022

End: 14 Jul 2022

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    • Fundamental Studies and Modelling of Epitaxial Processes
    • III-V Semiconductors and Devices (Nitrides, Arsenides, Phosphides, Antimonides, Bismites etc.)
    • II-VI Materials and Devices (CdTe, ZnO, ZnSe, ZnS, MCT, etc.)
    • IV-IV Materials and Devices (SiC, SiGe, GeSn, etc.)
    • Semiconducting Oxides and Epitaxial Dielectrics (TCO, Ga2O3, SnO2, etc.)
    • High-Temperature Superconductive Materials
    • 2D Materials and van der Waal Heterostructures
    • Heteroepitaxy of Mismatched Alloys and III-Vs on Si
    • Low-dimensional Structures (Nanowires, -dots)
    • Patterned Growth and Selective Area Epitaxy
    • Atomic Layer Deposition and Epitaxy
    • In-Situ Monitoring, Process Control and Reactor Modeling
    • Nano-scale Characterization and Other Techniques
    • Growth for Energy Technology (Solid State Lighting, Photovoltaics, Power Devices, Thermoelectrics, etc.)
    • Equipment, Safety, Environmental and Production Issues including low-cost MOVPE


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Short event description

The 20th International Conference on Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE-XX) will present the latest advances in science, technology and applications of MOVPE and related growth techniques.


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    Schwabenlandhalle Guntram-Palm-Platz 1 70734 Fellbach Germany
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