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hosted by B.ACADEMY

London, UK, 2 December 2016

Start: 02 Dec 2016

End: 02 Dec 2016

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    Blockchain was designed as a way to execute financial

    transactions without using the traditional financial system.

    One could expect that the banks try to block that

    development, because it is about the existence of a major

    part of its services. However, the contrary happens: We see

    big banks investing in startups or collaborating with their

    toughest peers in tech consortiums. They understood the

    disruptive and game-changing character of the innovation

    for the whole industry and its potential for significant cost

    reductions and efficiency gains. They realized that it is time

    to explore with others the most likely paths of

    transformation the blockchain could take us down. 



    This 1-day course is specifically designed for executives

    from financial services industry that have already a basic

    understanding of blockchain and crypto currencies,and want

    to learn how to apply this new technology on real life use

    cases in banking and beyond. 


    What you get

    You will get the latest status of blockchain implementation

    with specific focus on the financial services industry. You

    will hear from innovation and technology experts of global

    banks how they drive blockchain implementation in their

    corporation. You will see a life demo of a blockchain

    application. You’ll receive insights from industry leaders

    and will be able to discuss key challenges to drive this new

    technology forward. You will get in touch with startups and

    key stakeholders from one of the most advanced FinTech

    innovation hubin the world. During this course we not only

    listen but also to connect with other people, doing some

    group work, creative thinking, ideation & reflection.


    By Whom


    1. Reto P. Gadient​

    Co-Founder of B.ACADEMY, lecturer HWZ

    Reto is a former UBS executive with over 20 years

    international experience in Financial Services as Marketing

    Strategist. As co-organizer of Crypto Valley Forum Reto

    helps to position Zug and surroundings as global hub for

    Blockchain and Crypto finance. He holds an EMBA and MSc

    in Marketing of Lorange Institute of Business Zurich and a

    BA in Education.


    2. Alex Batlin

    Co-Founder B.ACADEMY, Alex joined BNY Mellon as chief

    tech strategist. As former global head Head of UBS's

    technology research services team, he was  researching the

    impact of Blockchain in the Europe’s largest technology

    accelerator for finance «Level 39» in London. Alex holds 



    First block:

    09:30 – 11:00

    - Introduction to FinTech Innovation ecosystem

    - Live demo of a blockchainapplication

    - Presentation of use cases in financial services industry

    (Coffee Break))


    Second block:

    11:00 – 12:30

    - Business Model Canvas

    - How does blockchain change the business model

    - Group work

    - Outlook

    (Lunch Break)


    Third block:

    13:15 – 16:00

    - Group work

    - Brainstorming new business idea

    - Preparing blockchain pitch

    - Presentations and jury

    - Wrap up – what have we learned?



    How Much

    Students deposit

    In order to secure your attendance, we keep a retainer of

    CHF 50.-.This amount will be given back to you once you

    showed up at the actual classes.


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    about CAS Digital Finance 2017?  Click here to get the


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Short event description

This 1-day course is specifically designed for social entrepreneurs who are completely new to blockchain and crypto currencies.


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    London, UK, 2 December 2016 WC2N London United Kingdom
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