EU-Startups Summit 2018

hosted by / Menlo Media UG

Auditori AXA

Start: 24 Apr 2018

End: 24 Apr 2018

  • Attendee list

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    • Ruestem Aba


      • Company: MyIceberg
    • Maria Abad


      • Company: Teamleader
    • Emil Abirascid


      • Company: Emil Abirascid
    • Fernanda Accorsi


      • Company: F.A. Retail
    • Nicoleta-Andreea Acxinte


      • Company: JCE Montpellier
    • Weronika Adamkiewicz


      • Company: CBS
    • Jordi Aguasca


      • Company: Startup Catalonia
    • Kedir Ahmed


      • Company: AKBD Press, Advertising and Advocacy Services
    • Rocio Alcocer


      • Company: Tapp Water
    • Emili Aldabó


      • Company: Startup Catalonia
    • Isabel Alesanco


      • Company: Play2Speak
    • Omar Ali Fdal


      • Company: Statice
    • Cristobal Alonso


      • Company: Startup Wise Guys
    • Rafael Alvarez-hevia


      • Company: Ie
    • Havan Amin


      • Company: Blazinq
    • Adrià Amor Pi


      • Company: EU-Startups
    • Bernat Añaños


      • Company: Foods for Tomorrow
    • Dimitrios Angelinas


      • Company: Angelina’s Travel
    • Simon Ankersen


      • Company: CTRL-Flip
    • Luminita Anton


      • Company: freelancer

Short event description

The EU-Startups Summit is the annual flagship event of, where we come together to learn from some of the most successful European entrepreneurs/investors of our time.


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