A conversation with David Andelman (AB'66) about his new book "A Red Line in the Sand"

hosted by Harvard Club of France

Start: 07 Jun 2021

End: 07 Jun 2021

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    Harvard Club of France

    Monday, June 7, 2021 - 7:00 - 8:30pm CEST

    Join us for a conversation with David Andelman (AB'66)

    about his new book

    "A Red Line in the Sand:  Diplomacy, Strategy, and the History of Wars That Might Still Happen"

    Over the last century, world leaders have, in many cases, resorted to asserting "red lines" - geopolitical ultimatums - as a tactic for trying to alleviate or end military, political or diplomatic crises. Today, America has pledged to re-engage with its allies and the world in order to tackle a number of such crises proliferating around the world, including global threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

    At a time when the international world order is in flux, would asserting more red lines help alleviate such crises or backfire? What does the history of such ultimatums tell us about how we might best handle those we face today? What lessons can we learn from the not so distant past, so that we are not "condemned to repeat it" as George Santayana famously wrote?

    Join us for an illuminating discussion with award-winning national security journalist and author David Andelman (AB'66)* about his new book, "A Red Line in the Sand." Drawing on his decades of experience as a longtime columnist for CNN and a veteran correspondent for the New York Times and CBS News, David will provide us with insights into the world's most intense "red lines," from the red line in Munich that led to the onset of World War II to more recent troubles in the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula, Syria and the Middle East. 

    When: June 7, 2021 -  7:00pm - 8:30 CEST

    Where Join us via the Zoom link which will be sent to registered participants the day of the event.

    Registration:  Registration is free but required

    Organized and moderated by former Harvard Club President Ned Gubbins (AB'94) 

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A conversation with David Andelman (AB'66) about his new book "A Red Line in the Sand"


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