Spielerische Zukunftsgestaltung: Visionen und Workshop für eine nachhaltige, unternehmerische Lebenskunst

organisiert durch Habib Lesevic, Benedikt Foit

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Konferenzraum 1

Beginn: Donnerstag, 18.08.2011 um 14:00

Ende: Donnerstag, 18.08.2011 um 19:00

  • Titel

    Pedro Pineda
    Born in the Canary Islands, Pedro studied Design & Technology in London and now lives in Berlin where he develops innovative ways of applying collective and creative problem solving to challenges that affect us as society. Inspired by the Open Source movement, he is currently researching the essence (and benefits) of Openness with the aim of developing the concept further and applying it to any given problem situation.

    “Just when we co-inspire, co-ideate and co-implement will we arrive at true innovation which is timeless and beautiful for all of us”.

    He is the co-founder of numerous collaborative projects such as Enable Berlin, We Creative People, MakerLab and OpenDesign City.


    Arthur Bodolec
    Design Thinker and co-founder of Sillicon Valley Start-up Feedly, Arthur has a passion for questioning existing models to design new horizons. An Innovation Consultant to many of the big industrial names in France and the start-up scene alike, Arthur promotes the design values of empathy, creativity and visualisation to achieve sustainable innovation in multi-disciplinary projects.

    A graduate of the prestigous Strate Collège in Paris, Arthur has won the Amsterdam European Design Challenge in 2010 and has appeared as speaker at a TEDx event.

    Arthur believes in people's creativity and strives for a world where everyone can become an active participant of our future.


    Vijak Haddadi
    Vijak is a philosopher, researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy in London. With academic degrees in Law, International Relations, and Political Economy, Vijak's philosophical work expands well beyond the academic frame of institutional philosophy. 

    A member of the American Society of Cybernetics and a well-known speaker at conferences on both sides of the Atlantic, Vijak is one of the leading thinkers of the Transversality movement and advocat for a trans-disciplinary, synergetic and spontaneous approach to systems design.



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