Workshop "Technological progress and the labour market"

hosted by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Start: 22 Feb 2018

End: 23 Feb 2018

  • Overview

    Technological progress continues to be a source for concern as well as hope. On the one hand the growing ability to automate certain parts of the production process and the resulting substitution of capital for labour gives rise to the fear of the latter becoming increasingly redundant. On the other hand technological progress has the potential to reduce the costs of production which in turn may generate demand for labour. However, as certain types of labour have been shown to be far more susceptible to the risk of automation than others, even in the absence of negative effects on total employment, technological progress may nevertheless produce winners and losers.

    The purpose of this two-day workshop is to bring together researchers to present their work on the labour-market effects of technological progress. Empirical as well as theoretical contributions on the following (non-exhaustive) list of subjects are welcome:

    • Regional labour markets
    • Labour demand
    • Wages and unemployment
    • Worker mobility and occupational transitions
    • Inequality
    • Firm behaviour and adjustment

    Keynote speaker

    • Guido Matias Cortes (York University, Toronto)
    • Dietmar Harhoff (MPI for Innovation and Competition)
    • Mark Partridge (Ohio State University)
    • Anna Salomons (Utrecht University)


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