• Acknowledgements

    The organizers thank the participants for the quality of their presentations and posters. They express their gratitude to the many people who participated in the 2018 AECVP meeting in Lausanne.

  • Meeting information

    AECVP and the CURML welcome you in Lausanne to the 8th Biennial Meeting of the Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology

    The Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology (AECVP), founded in 2001 as an extension to the European School for Cardiovascular Pathology, brings together all the key players among pathologists, forensic pathologists, clinicians and other physicians in Europe actively involved in cardiovascular diseases and cardiac transplantation in Europe. 

    The Association provides a unique platform to serve as a liaison between pathologists, cardiologists and surgeons, and serves as a European network for presenting new research data and exchange of other scientific knowledge with the aim to increase visibility of this specialty.

    The University Center for Legal Medicine in Lausanne in partnership with the University Institute of Pathology Lausanne (CHUV) have been selected to organize next year, in October 2018, the 8th Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland.



  • Main topics of the workshop, the meeting and award lecture

    Pre-meeting workshop

    • Virtangio Workshop S. Grabherr

    Pre-meeting lecture by C.Basso

    • Dissection of the heart


    • Sudden arrhythmic death
    • Challenging cardiomyopathies
    • Coronary artery pathology- not only atherosclerotic
    • Heart failure

    M. Davies award lecture

    • G. Thiene: Cardiovascular Pathology and Sudden Cardiac Death: from Morgagni and Lancisi to Democritus and back


    • R. Prêtre: Surgery of the right heart 
    • H. Abriel: Molecular and cellular pathophysiology of cardiac channelopathies
    • T. Lüscher: Endothelial dysfunction



  • General information

    Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology (AECVP)



      Katarzyna Michaud
      Samuel Rotman
      Christian Giroud

      Fabrice Dedouit
      Tony Fracasso
      Silke Grabherr
      Piergiorgio Tozzi

      Jean-Pascal Chapatte
      Sylvie Coronil

      Mary Sheppard, UK President
      Annalisa Angelini, IT
      Joachin Lucena, ES
      Katarzyna Michaud, CH
      Samuel Rotman, CH
      Patrick Brunewald, FR
      Giulia D’amati, IT
      Cristina Basso, IT
      Ivana Kholova, FI
      Jytte Banner, DK
      Stephen Preston, UK
      Heike Goebel, GER
      Allard van der Wal, NL












    Congress times
    Thursday October 11th
    Saturday October 13th

    Premeeting lecture: Institut universitaire de pathologie, Rue du Bugnon 25, Lausanne
    Workshop: CURML, Vulliette 4, Lausanne
    Conference hall: César Roux auditorium, Rue du Bugnon 46, CHUV hospital, Lausanne
    Gala dinner: Olympic museum, 1, quai d'Ouchy, Lausanne

    Congress language: english

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    Poster presentations:

    Poster size: A0 Width x Height (mm): 841 x 1189 mm; Width x Height (in): 33.1 x 46.8 in.
    Tape and pins will be provided

    Oral presentations:

    Audio visual equipment: The congress room (César-Roux) is equipped with PC computer, beamer and microphone for single screen electronic slide presentation. The computer has Windows operating system with installed Power Point 2016 software (Arial and Helvetica fonts are recommended). 16:9 format is preferred but 4:3 is accepted. Speakers should bring their presentation on USB memory stick. Slides must be organised in a Microsoft PowerPoint file (FamilyName_SessionNumber_PresentationNumber) with pptx extension

    Allotted time: In the interests of fairness, thank you all for keeping within your allotted speaking times.

    Gala dinner
    The Gala dinner will be organized at the Olympic Museum (Friday).

    Organization contacts
    Katarzyna Michaud, E-mail: Katarzyna.Michaud@chuv.ch
    University Center of Legal Medicine
    Chemin de la Vulliette 4, Lausanne

    Samuel Rotman, E-mail: Samuel.Rotman@chuv.ch
    Department of clinical pathology, Rue du Bugnon 25, Lausanne

    Christian Giroud, E-mail: Christian.Giroud@chuv.ch
    University Center of Legal Medicine
    Chemin de la Vulliette 4, Lausanne

    Abstract submission is closed

  • Directions

    Event venue address

    CHUV BH08 César Roux Conference Room Rue du Bugnon 46 1011 Lausanne Switzerland
    Is the venue wheelchair friendly? Unknown