How to use Email Marketing for Events

We’re already in round four of my article series about online event promotion. The previous articles were focused on social media in particular Twitter and Facebook.  Both platforms show great potential for event promotion but as examined last week social media offers more ways to market your event. Today we’ll take a look at another marketing tactic to promote your event –  email.


While everyone’s talking about social media people forget email marketing. Some even proclaim its death.  Email marketing is anything else but dead. Email can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your event and sell more tickets. It is even more powerful in combination with social media.


Emails to potential attendees or to your actual participants can be useful at any point in the event life cycle. Whether you’re sending out invitations, a newsletter or a follow-up emails after your event staying in contact with your most valuable assets – your customers – is a key to success. With amiando’s one of a kind email marketing tool for event hosts you have a powerful tool at hand.


The Timing

Of course, you want to know when it’s the best time to send out invitations or a newsletter. I can’t give you a general recommendation on timing. It really depends on you as a host and your event. Normally larger events start early promoting and selling tickets. Some big conferences start sending out invitations almost a year before the actual event. This is due to the fact that they try to use the large time span prior to the event to start and keep running their large PR machinery. So look at your event and think about it. How much time do you need or want to spend to market your event and sell your tickets? How far before would you buy a ticket for your event? Are you offering early bird discounts? You see it really depends.


Segment your recipients

But after you sent out your first invitation email use the time until your event starts to send out a little reminder to the people who haven’t registered yet or an email with news about the event to ticket buyers. But don’t overdo it. People don’t like being spammed. When you’re sending out newsletters or writing on a new blog article or even post on Facebook or Twitter always share something of value for the ones who are supposed to read it. Inform potential attendees about your event in general and special ticket rates. The people who have already registered might want to know more about the sessions, speakers, and the venue. That’s why it’s important to segment your recipients once your ticket sale has started or even before. You might want to send out different emails to people who visited your event last year and new contacts.


Mention your Sponsors

Emails are also a great chance to increase the exposure of your sponsors. Maybe they can share interesting news or they offer great deals for your participants. You don’t have to dedicate half of your email to your sponsors but provide the recipients with more than just a logo. You may even have some co-operations with your sponsors that let you for example reward early signups.


Combine email and social media

You definitely want to combine your social media activities with your email event marketing.  When sending out invitations or newsletters show them that they can find you on Twitter and Facebook, too. Explain what they can expect when following you. So people can decide where they want to get information or contact you. Refer to interesting articles on your blog or to blogs and websites of your speakers. Coordinate your actions in the different channels this will allow you to deliver your information to a broader audience.


An Email Marketing Tool for event hosts

We recently launched our new email marketing tool which is specifically tailored to the needs of event hosts. Our tool allows you to send out individual invitations, reminders, or newsletters to thousands of contacts. You can easily track the success of your email marketing campaign. Analyze your ticket sales, the open rate and clicks.


Again these recommendations are relatively basic but useful if you take them to build your very own online event marketing tactics on it. You still want to know how a perfect invitation email or newsletter/reminder looks like? Well, again it depends. There’s no one fits all recommendation. Keep a few things in mind: Share valuable information. Don’t be spammy. Be creative and try to engage people. Combine your social media activities with your email campaigns. Analyze your campaigns and learn from mistakes.


If you have questions don’t hesitate I’ll give my best to answer them. I would love to hear what you are thinking about email marketing for events.

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