Social Media Study Part 2: Twitter and the Event Lifecycle

Today I will explain another key finding of our recently published Social Media Study “How to get the most out of Twitter to make your Event a success”. Check out Social Media Study Part 1, if you’ve missed it.


One of the key questions we had before we started our research for the study was: How does the the actual Twitter activity related to an event evolve along the event lifecycle? Therefore we assessed the distribution of tweets over time in order to give valuable recommendations for event organizers. The results are really interesting and not exactly what I’ve expected before.


The following graph shows clearly that most of the tweets are posted during the event. However a closer look reveals that there is a slight difference between the share of tweets before and after the event. Furthermore there is a second much smaller peak about 4-5 days after the event.



(click on image to enlarge)

When we look at the numbers of tweets at the different stages of the event lifecycle we see that 60%, the main activity, takes place during the event. The number of tweets after the event is only a little higher (4%) than the number of tweets before the event.



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Pay special attention to the Twitter activity during your event. Valuable feedback can be collected and sometimes an instant reaction is necessary. We highly recommend using Twitter monitoring tools that allow you to keep track of all tweets related to your event in real time.


Try to encourage people before and after your event. Find ways to increase the pre- and post-conference tweeting. Content is king. Quality content before and after the event will drive Twitter activity and increases the exposure of your event.


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If you have any questions or feedback please let me know – especially as this is the first study of this kind that we are publishing.


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