5 ways to boost event attendance

Organizing an event takes time and often a considerable amount of financial resources. For every event host it is essential that a satisfying amount of people attends the event. Here are 5 ways to boost event attendance:


1.    Offer online registration191439_8220

Make it easy for potential attendees to register for your event. Online registration for an event is the most comfortable way for attendees to buy event tickets. They’ll be able to comfortably purchase tickets from at home, at work or wherever they are.


2.    Set up an intelligent pricing

The pricing of your event is also a key to success. Set up different categories and sell your tickets at the right time for the right price. A common practice is to offer early bird tickets to reward early signups for your event. When the expiration date of the early bird rate approaches, extend it by a few weeks. This will boost signups again, because people think they are getting a second chance to buy tickets at a discount. Read more about intelligent pricing for events.


3.    Use Social Media to promote your Event

Promotion is essential for a success of your event. People must be aware of your event in order to buy tickets and attend. Besides traditional event promotion, social media offers new and highly effective ways to market your event. Especially the most famous networks like Facebook and Twitter can be a key to increase the reach of your event and boost attendance. Our recently published free Twitter study reveals the huge potential of the micro-blogging platform for event hosts.


4.    Use Email Marketing

Another marketing tactic to promote your event and boost attendance is Email Marketing. Email can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your event and sell more tickets. Sending out invitations or a newsletter to potential attendees is often more effective than any other marketing activity.  It is even more powerful in combination with social media. So make your emails easily shareable in social networks.


5.    Great content

It sounds fairly simple, but the best way to boost attendance is to provide great content. It is essential that you select interesting topics and great speakers. In addition providing free online content, like an e-book, whitepaper or video content can also be helpful to spread the word and boost attendance.


Wrapping it up

Start promoting your event well in advance. It takes time to plan and set up your activities. Remember that it must be easy for potential attendees to register for your event. Offer discounts and reward people for early sign-ups. Your social media and email marketing activities should be only a part of an overall promotion strategy for your event. And last but not least provide the best possible content. A great event experience for your attendees is the best way to boost attendance for your next event.


What do you think? What’s the best way to boost attendance?

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