5 ways to keep the conversation going after your event


Event organizers are working hard to promote their event months before it actually takes place to increase conversation about it and to attract attendees. During the event attendees are talking about content, the speakers and the whole set-up. But what happens after the event? Here are 5 ways to keep the conversation going after your event:


1. Let this year’s attendees have a say on the content for next year’s event. Ask for feedback or create polls. This is also really helpful to increase customer satisfaction. You’ll be to draw valuable feedback for future events and improve the event experience for your attendees.


2. Keep your attendees informed about relevant topics and the progress of next year’s event. Use email newsletters or set-up an event blog. Make it easy for people to share the information or comment on your posts.


3.    Why don’t you try to convince this year’s speaker to share their thoughts about the event afterwards? Ask them for example to write a guest post for your blog. Maybe they are willing to provide a little video interview or something similar.


4.    Provide additional information for your attendees after the event. Make videos available of different event sessions. Offer information on the most trending topics of your event. Publish information on the success of the event. Use statistics, like number of attendees related tweets or liters of beer consumed at the bar.


5.    Use the social networks to engage with people after the event. Give them a platform for conversation, like a Facebook Group. To successfully use Twitter, establish a Hashtag already prior to the actual event. People will use, when talking about your event, before, during and after. You can find valuable tips about how to use Twitter for events in our free social media study.


If these 5 ideas are not enough for you, check out 37 dynamite ideas for keeping the conversation going after your event.


What are you doing to engage your attendees after the event? Do you think it is even necessary?

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