How can you use Geolocation Services for Event Promotion?


Are you already using geolocation services like Foursquare or Gowalla to promote your event? Geolocation services are a big thing this year. Everyone’s talking about it. Foursquare just passed 4 million users, which makes it more and more interesting for businesses of any kind. Especially in the U.S. businesses are already using those services for marketing – rewarding checkins or offering free stuff to the mayor of their shop. But how can you use Foursquare for your event?

Here are some ideas about using Foursquare for event promotion:


Create a special venue on Foursquare for the event
Offer tips to attendees, like special offers, great speeches, food etc. it is also a great way to increase the visibility of your sponsors.


Create multiple venues for the same location

Create venues on Foursquare for your conference rooms, the lobby, the bar etc. It is more than just knowing where people are, it is free marketing for your event, because people share location (your event) with their social network.


Partner up with foursquare to create a badge and offer freebees for checkins

Create your own conference badge, which can then serve as a pass to an after party. Offer freebees for checkins and reward people, who share your event with their friends, followers etc.


Prizes of event sponsors for unlocking the conference badge

Why not let people win prizes of event sponsors for unlocking a badge. This increases the visibility of your sponsors and rewards people for checking in and sharing your event.


There are countless possibilities with services like Foursquare. It can be a great and powerful social media marketing tool for event organizers. But it should only be a part of a comprehensive social media strategy for your event and should go hand in hand with your Facebook and Twitter strategy.


Check out this mashable article for more information and examples.


What do you think, are geolocation services the future of event promotion? How are you using Foursquare or Gowalla to promote your event?

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