„EasyEntry 2.0“ – powerful entry management system for event organizers

Our new entry management system “EasyEntry 2.0” is now available. This completely revised version comes with new comprehensive and powerful features, which equips event organizers with a system to manage the admission process more professionally than ever before.



In addition to the existing professional entry management tools, EasyEntry 2.0″ now makes the following possible:


  • On-site attendee registration
  • On-site badge printing
  • Admission management for single workshops


On-site attendee registration

“EasyEntry 2.0” enables event organizers to register attendees on-site. Visitors, who decide to attend an event spontaneously, can be registered directly at the venue. Thus amiando gives event hosts the possibility to sell more tickets for an event, without having to use other systems. Furthermore “EasyEntry 2.0” is able to assign on-site registrations to the right terminal. Event organizers are then able to have an overview of how many registrations have been carried out at each terminal.


On-site badge printing

With “EasyEntry 2.0” event organizers can easily print badges for attendees at the event venue. This new feature increases the flexibility of event organizers and saves valuable time. Before, amiando provided the badges and shipped them to the event host, and so badges for late registrations could not be produced. Now, even attendees who register for the event last minute can receive their badge in time. Event organizers can therefore achieve a higher degree of professionalism, with less effort required on their part.


Admission management for single workshops

At events where attendees have registered for different workshops or modules, “EasyEntry 2.0”can now handle the admission for each separate workshop. Organizers thus have the guarantee that guests only attend workshops that they have actually booked. After the event, it is easy to determine the number of participants at each workshop. Such information is particularly important when planning future events.


Of course, “EasyEntry 2.0” still enables an easy and secure entry management. The software can be used online as well as offline, allows fast access to the guest list and guarantees that each ticket is used only once. As before, amiando provides this system for free to all its customers.


Download our new entry management system and use it at your next event.


What do you think about the new features of “EasyEntry 2.0”?

One thought on “„EasyEntry 2.0“ – powerful entry management system for event organizers

  1. Thanks Henning!
    EasyEntry 2.0 works perfectly. Some of our largest customers were more than satisfied after using it at their events.
    You’re absolutely right, especially the new on-site badge printing feature is a huge thing for a lot of our customers and event organizers in general.
    The link to the EasyEntry download page is now in the blog post. Thanks for making me aware of that.

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