FridayReads: Check in…at LeWeb

Here we go again – the new FridayReads! This week you’ll get to know everything about foursquares’ basics, how they are performing, especially at the LeWeb, Europes’ leading internet conference for startups and online companies and how the invention of LeWall is connected to LeWeb.


Foursquare: Four became forty

Founded in March 2009, foursquare’s development has been scarily fast. In the beginning 4 people worked on making “your personal places public”. Roughly one year later they employ around 40 staff. This is contrary to peoples’ expectations of about 200, Crowley (co-founder) said at the LeWeb 2010 in Paris on Wednesday. At the same time recent growth brought foursquare about 2 million check-ins and 25K new users a day. Read more…


For beginners: fouresquare in four steps

1. fouresquare is a social network application for smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, palm and Google Android. 2. foursquare enables you to be connected with your friends and to follow their news and doings (like Facebook, Twitter etc.). 3. Via foursquare you can communicate your local positions. (Where are you having lunch? And where are you having Friday night drinks?) 4. foursquare is a kind of game, local search engine and promotion tool all at once. A game because you can earn user points via each visit, thus become the mayor of a certain spot and be rewarded. A local search engine because when you “check in” at one place you’ll find a list of all the restaurants, cafés and bar possibilities in the vicinity. And a promotion tool because your restaurant, café or bar is listed at foursquare and its popularity is influenced by communication via user check-ins. Conclusion: Interesting location based social network service with playful impacts and utility. In animated pictures …


LeWall – LeWeb – LeAlternative?

Event of the week was probably the LeWeb 2010, Europe’s leading conference for internet businesses and startup companies. foursquare’s founders also showed up as mentioned above.  Unfortunately not everybody can rank among the 2500 participants. For those who looked for an alternative LeWall was a good option. LeWall is a social media wall collecting all social media posts and tweets published during LeWeb to share and communicate visitors’ impressions of LeWeb 2010. Look at this screenshot…

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