FridayReads: Surprises for the end of 2010!

It’s nearly Friday and this week FridayReads wants to treat you on the last day of the year 2010. Despite the fact that this year is almost over there are still some very exciting launches to present to you. And the result of the year: Who ruled the internet in 2010?

Two way video calling even on the train

In late December Skype released a brand new version of its iPhone app. It is now possible for Skype users to make two way video calls on their iPhone. The only exception: iPads and iPods are denied the joy of this two way communication due to the lack of camera on these devices. According to Rick Osterloh, VP of Consumer Products for Skype, an equivalent Android app can be expected in the near future. Read more here.

Illustrate your location

In other news, Flickr and foursquare have joined forces to create a new application to combine checking photos and locations. Their baby’s called FlickSquare and is based on foursquare’s introduction of uploading photos via iPhone and Android apps. FlickSquare enables you to share your memories with non-foursquare friends and family members too. You can get a first impression of the app here.

Web-winner of the year

And so we come to the question: Who ruled the internet in 2010? The most searched item of the year worldwide is – Who would have guessed it? – Facebook! Actually Facebook overtook Google as USA‘s most visited website in 2010. And it seems like they have now really conquered the American market. This year Facebook traffic grew by 55% in the States. Is there no stopping ‘The Social Network’? Have a look.

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