FridayReads: April fools’ – How Gmail, Starbucks and Kodak play jokes

Thank god it’s Friday! And this Friday is a special one because the whole internet goes nuts on April 1st. So it’s no surprise that bizarre, hilarious and late-breaking online news are going head over heels. One April fools’ joke after another 🙂 Now we want to present you some of the best ideas.


Gmail: Steering via body language

Maybe you noticed that Google has introduced a new service called Gmail Motion. With this modern service you can now control Gmail with your body. Keyboards and mouses are outdated from now on. But how does it really work? And what happens when you pretend to lick a stamp and stick it down?



There’s a Starbucks on every corner…kind of

Another important launch takes place at Starbucks. The world-famous coffeehouse is introducing their first Starbucks mobile app called “Starbucks® Mobile Pour” today. Released to fight huge cravings for Starbucks coffee, the service provides you with a fresh and hot Starbucks drink delivered by baristas on scooters. Read more here.


Kodak: Saving of precious memories…minus your ex

Kodak caught up as well. Next to digital cameras, Kodak is offering us a new app. It’s about protection of precious memories of the places you have been and the people you shared them with, minus the person with whom you just changed your relationship status. Clever job, isn’t it? More about Relationshiffft here.


And lastly…have a look at our last year’s April prank in German – parliamentary elections by amiando.

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