HOW TO: Avoid social media pitfalls

Social media: it’s a jungle out there! The potential is huge and is still growing. There are many opportunities to use social media for your event promotion as well.  But next to these chances, the internet with its many social media possibilities offers various pitfalls too. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the most common ways to drop a social media brick.


  • It’s all about me

This is probably the biggest mistake because social media is a dialogue not a monologue. It’s not only about giving a speech on a product, a brand or an event. The trick is to activate fans and followers, to encourage them to join the discussion. To accomplish this you need to draw the user’s interest and to incorporate the actual product, brand or event. In conversation you can also find out your customer’s and attendee’s wishes and needs helping you to improve the product, brand or event.


  • Just jump in

Every successful campaign underlies a strategy. The same applies to a well done social media campaign. Hence, don’t start blindly using social media tools. First define a concept and then start. Set objectives, define target groups, determine social media tools & tactics and use a content strategy. So there are better opportunities to compare set goals and real achievements. In addition,  objectives and target groups can be optimized and adapted quickly.


  • Take no risk

The field of social media is very young and so there’s no given instruction how to best use it. Moreover every product, brand or event is different. Therefore no general approach is possible. Everyone has to develop its own best fitting strategy. If you want to find it, you need to have the courage to try. No risk, no reward. If it’s not working learn from the results and improve.


  • Waste your chances

Faced with so many opportunities you often trip over your own feet. So be careful! Make it easy for your customers and attendees to participate in your social media communities. Make us of the range of possibilities to integrate your website into all different social media channels whether with the help of Facebook’s like button, the Twitter retweet function or a linking of the event registration website.


With this information to hand, you can now check your own social media strategy.
Did you consider every point? Or do you think we missed something out?
Tell us! We look forward to your comments.


And now: HAPPY EASTER and a relaxed extended weekend for everyone!!


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