FridayReads: The Royal Wedding, Facebook’s new send button & MySpace’s future

It’s almost weekend and therefore time for our FridayReads! This week many exciting stories took place and so we have a lot to tell; starting with the royal wedding, Facebook’s send button launch right through to the latest news from MySpace.


The world was invited to the royal wedding

Thousands of people were waiting for this day: the wedding of England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. The royal happening is probably the biggest media spectacle in spring 2011. Thanks to the modern web and social media this was the most publicized and watched wedding in history. Several live streams and mobile apps as well as Twitter and Facebook offered the world the chance to share this happy moment. Read the whole story.


The advanced share button

On Monday Facebook’s new send button was launched. The send button is a kind of advanced share button. It allows you to share any website and content which has the send button integrated with any of your Facebook Groups, your Facebook friends, or any standard email address. In comparison: The like button is meant to share the information with all your Facebook friends; the send button informs selected ones. Read more.


MySpace future is unclear

Discussions have started. Who’s going to buy MySpace?
The internet music portal reported first drops in members in late 2009. Since that point they haven’t been able to recover. First offers for an acquisition are expected by some venture capital firms and others soon. According to News Corp., the current owner, it will take a while longer till the sell-off. The Wall Street Journal reports that News Corp. is attempting to get at least $100 million out of the MySpace-sale. Let’s see. Find more information here.


Enjoy your weekend!

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