FridayReads: How Osama bin Laden’s death was spread and how Twitter & Likester go on

Every week has to have a something special; maybe our FridayReads? So have a look at them. Check out the late-breaking news of how the (social media) world heard from Osama Bin Laden’s death, Twitters acquisition of TweetDeck and a new startup tracking what’s hot on Facebook.


The final news via Twitter

This week’s news of Osama Bin Laden’s death were one of the fastest spreading news than ever before across the social web. Such speed and volume normally shows up in the most catastrophically situations like natural disasters or terrorist attacks. This time most of people heard the information first via Twitter. Look at the summary put together showing how various services were used in the first 24 hours after the big news flash.


TweetDeck bought by Twitter

Twitter is buying TweetDeck. These news are nearing to be announced the next days. Actually this move is no surprise rather a protective reaction of Twitter. The reason is Ubermedia’s attempt to buy the Twitter monitoring software for $25 – $30 million. But Twitter overbid them and offered $40 – $50 million. Read the full story here.


Likester: Aggregate your Facebook Likes

And also in the field of Facebook something happened. Just a little after a year after the Like button was born tools came up to aggregate Facebook Likes. Booshaka, Facebook‘s search engine, just released their own Facebook Likes categorization yesterday. But Likester also wants to become the go-to Facebook Likes aggregator and they do a lot different. Find out what’s making them more competitive.


Have a good weekend!

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