Friday Reads: How NOT to plan a PR campaign, the sale of Skype and Twitter as law enforcer


Friday the 13th is here, but luckily nothing bad has happened so far and we’re still able to present you the new Friday Reads! See how Facebook’s attempt to blackmail Google turned back on themselves. Follow the story of Sean Power confronting his laptop’s thief via Twitter and hear more about the final sale of Skype.


Skype joins Microsoft

Probably the most discussed internet news this week is Microsoft buying Skype for $ 8.5 billion. Skype will now become a division of Microsoft, setting Microsoft one step ahead in the service competition with Google. Tony Bates, current Skype CEO, will remain in charge as he stated in his blog. TheNextWeb summarized the history of the platform thus far.  Read the full story here.


Facebook tripped over their own feet

For Facebook Friday the 13th came early this year:  As revealed yesterday the social network was planning a campaign to raise concerns about Google’s privacy policy. The PR firm Burson-Marsteller was to plant anti-Google stories in press and social media. Unluckily the prominent blogger Chris Soghoian refused to play along when approached by the firm’s representative and published some of the mails received from Burson. Such a disgrace for Facebook. See more.


Law enforcement, Twitter-style

Another story was disclosed today on Twitter: A laptop was stolen. Luckily the owner, Sean Powers, was able to track the thief down using the Prey application and Twitter. He posted the current progress of the investigation on Twitter, including the thief’s name and his current location. But the police refused to interfere until Sean, who’s currently in Canada, filed a report personally. So two of his Twitter followers reclaimed the laptop themselves. Read how the action unfolded here.


Have a nice weekend, and don’t go walking under any ladders now!

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