Friday Reads: LinkedIn’s stock market start, Xing’s new design & Facebook’s failed PR campaign

Thank God it’s Friday and so time for our weekly FridayReads. This week many things in the field of social networks have happened. LinkedIn’s  IPO (initial public offering) took place. Xing surprised with its new design and the results of Facebook’s bad PR campaign were published.


LinkedIn’s brilliant exchange market start

For quite some time there were rumors. Now it’s official. LinkedIn, the social business network with more than 100 million registered users, went public this Thursday. During the first 48 hours the share price experienced amazing growth. Starting with $45 per share the price even briefly reached $122,70. LinkedIn’s market value jumped up to $8.9 billion. Therefore it now counts among the 500 largest companies in the U.S. Find out more details.


Don’t miss to check out another article on Linkedin’s IPO. This Business Insider article takes a more critical look at the IPO and especially at the IPO price. Find out why they think Linkedin just got screwed.


Xing’s sneak peak on its new design

Xing, the European listed social business network, has got some news too. On Tuesday this week the Xing relaunch became known and first previews of its new design appeared. The design has a clearer structure and is more intuitively shaped. Now a direct access to “Your XING” including all your personal content is possible. Another focus was on updates in your network. Get a sneak peak here.


Facebook got lucky with failed PR campaign

Facebook was lucky this week. When it came out that Facebook had planned an anti-Google campaign much bad publicity and consequences were expected for the company. But according to NetBase, a social media analytics firm, the perception of both companies didn’t change a lot in the aftermath of the news. Have a look at the 24-hour news cycle.


Enjoy your weekend!

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