Friday Reads: TweetDeck’s future, the next great Facebook deal & social media marketing habits in change

It’s Friday again and so time for amiando’s weekly Friday Reads. This week, we are proud to present three exciting topics. Read about the consequences of TweetDeck’s acquisition, Facebook’s deal with Spotify and the latest changes in social media marketing habits.


TweetDeck’s acquisition: What does it mean for marketers?

As mentioned before TweetDeck, the popular Twitter-client service, was bought by Twitter themselves. So where are they going now? So far Twitter has been a very open system. Now they’re probably becoming one of the most important interaction sources controlled by the company. Just like Facebook. Marketers will have to live within these rules; another step in a trend towards the so called Splinternet. Read more.


Facebook & Spotify:  The next great deal

Facebook’s next great deal is waiting! This time Spotify, the free music streaming software, will be integrated into THE social network. Thanks to this Facebook users will be able to listen to Spotify’s catalogue. They will also be able to listen to music with their friends via Facebook. At the moment the service is going through tests but will be online soon. Unfortunately this service will only be available in countries with access to Spotify; lucky U.S. Find out more.


Social Media Marketing habits are changing

The SocialMedia Examiner has put together the latest findings of how social media activities are allocated in relation to other marketing tasks. For this, the most up to date research studies were analyzed. The key findings are:
• Small businesses focus big time on social media and blogging
• Social media spending trending up
• Match social media spending to your experience
More details here.


Enjoy your weekend!

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