Friday Reads:the three F’s,world leaders take part in the social media world and the incredible Growth of Groupon

It’s Friday and time for our FridayReads.Check it out:


How the three F’s force Business to refine marketing strategies

Social media becomes more and more important in our real life and creates a kind of new power for the people. But it also means a revolution of face to face marketing and the event marketing landscape. People integrate social media in a lot of life situations continually rising and they take more control of their online experiences caused in connecting other people and whom on social media platforms. This Power is influenced by getting information within their networks and reshapes the process of making decisions and influences new behavior and outcomes. Businesses are forced to react and create new marketing strategies with the changed focus from singular to co-creations. The author and sociologist Brian Solis calls the “three Fs”: Fans, friends, followers as a new base for a revolution, perpetuated by Facebook and Twitter and as a new return in investment for marketers. But it’s not about only adding up people, it’s about defining what it exactly means to your company, exhibit and event program. To read the whole interview click here: Read more…




Twitter and co as an inevitable way to communicate captures our world leaders

It’s a fact, Twitter and co redefine the way of communication. Even World Leaders do not escape. Seemingly 15 of the G20 governments are using it and the question arises who follows who and who don’t and do the world leaders really realize what a significant importance their tweets, status messages or network friendships have? Barack Obama was the first using the blogging service to communicate with his electorate in 2008. His Twitter account has 7.4 million followers and is the most followed of all world- leader accounts. Only popular people like Justin Biber and Lady Gaga have more. So one can say that social media platforms like Twitter become a key tool in political communication and the heads of the world have to learn how to us it. Read more…



The incredible growth  of Groupon

 Groupon, at the beginning a surely wee up starter company, increased. But in an incredibly astounding rate. Only last year its revenues grew up to $ 713 million. Those are more than 22,000 percent, continually rising.  Annualized Groupons first-quarter numbers, get a revenue of $2.6 billion for 2011. In March 2010 it reached  3.4 million subscribers and as early as 31st of March up to 83.1 million.  Only in the first quarter of this year Groupon added 32.5 million subscribers. You can see the enormous increase below. To see the statistics and some graphics click here: Read more…

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