Social Media and Events Report 2011: How Is The Event Industry Using Social Networks?

We have asked nearly 1.000 event hosts from around the world how they use social media to promote their events. What are the latest trends, current problems and future expectations of the event industry? The Social Media & Events Report 2011 gives a comprehensive overview on how the industry is using social media and shows easy but effective tips on how to promote events with social networks.


“As a pioneer in the field of social media and events, we not only provide our customers with innovative tools but also inform them about the latest trends and the most effective ways of event promotion. In fact we’ve already released a social media study and now an interesting social media report. Readers will find interesting results and valuable recommendations to bring their event promotion to the next level,” says Felix Haas, CEO amiando.


The complete report is available for free on the following website:

Below you find short summaries of some of our findings.


1. The most used social media channel

Our results show that Facebook is the most used social media platform. Twitter is following on the second place. MySpace takes the last place far behind.


2. Defined and realized social media goals in comparison

Defined goals (blue) are minimal deviated from the realized ones (green). Increasing the awareness for an event is the most common and implemented goal.





3. The utilization of monitoring tools

The majority of event hosts are not monitoring social media channels. Only 37% of organizers are using monitoring tools.


The complete report can be downloaded from the following website:

3 thoughts on “Social Media and Events Report 2011: How Is The Event Industry Using Social Networks?

  1. Thanks for sharing this insight! I would be curious to see how the stats would change if a larger percentage of event hosts were monitoring social media. Lead generation and increase in ticket sales would likely improve if engagement and monitoring are kicked up a notch!

    Great post!

    Jenn Seeley
    Community Engagement – Radian6

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