FridayReads: Time to kill the Poke, Number of Circles possibly to appear in Search results and communal media sharing on G+ hinted.

Oh it’s Friday again… Which means FridayReads time! Today: The slow demise of the Poke – Button, G+ followers appear in search results and communal media sharing on G+: It IS possible.

Facebook and its Poke

Let us be honest: Who on earth knows exactly what the “Poke” – Button on facebook was about? (Apart from Zuckerberg of course) Exactly. Nobody. Over the course of the last few updates facebook constantly hid the Poke feature deeper and deeper. So why don’t kill it off completely? Mashables Pete Cashmore comments on the story of the poke, and why Facebook should trigger the kill switch. Read the full article HERE

See your Circles

Some of you might have noticed, that certain authors and editors, who are using the new Google Markup have the number of their Google+ Followers showing up next to them in the search result. This is a neat feature that many “Normal” users certainly would like to see for themselves as well, while other would be creeped out by that. Read the full story HERE

Google+ Media sharing?

Google+ continues to grow and add new features. Bradley Horowitz now teases the community with rumors for a possible enhanced media sharing on Google+. What EXACTLY will be added is unknown, but one can expect much from the worlds fastest – growing social network. Read the full story HERE

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