FridayReads: Google+ for Businesses, Social Media Democracy and Google Shopping

Does your Business use Google+ ?

Google+ might be the next big thing when it comes to Social Media marketing for businesses. Its new beta feature, called ‘Google+ Direct Connect’ allows users to access brands’ and companies’ Google+ pages by simply entering a “+” in front of the business’ name in question. Google+ does the rest of the work and takes them straight to the page, without the need for combing through hundreds of search results. This could represent a significant advantage for businesses in terms of brand promotion. Having gathered an impressive 40 million users in just 120 days, Google+ is clearly on the rise, but will it be able to compete with existing Social Media giants, such as Twitter and Facebook? Find out more.


Social Media Democracy

A couple of weeks back, we talked about how the next US presidential elections may well be influenced, not to say decided upon, by Social Media. And the US is not the only country experiencing the impact. This new way of empowering people appears to be spreading to most countries around the globe. During this year’s civil uproar in Egypt, protestors resorted to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as communication channels for organizing gatherings and demonstrations. The situation in the London riots developed in a similar manner. In many countries where official media has been heavily suppressed by censorship, this represents a revolutionary concept with the potential to shake up a whole country’s system. Read the full article.

Shopping with Google

The Christmas season is on its way and those among you who are too our busy to go shopping in real life will no doubt be resorting to the convenient online shopping cart. So where do you start your search? No question about it, Google. And what happens when you google a product? You usually get an Amazon or Ebay search result fairly near the top. It’s pretty well-established by now: Google is for searching, Amazon and Co are for buying.  But what if you could use Google for shopping itself and speed up the retail process even more? According to reports, the internet giant is currently considering a partnership with retailers and shipping companies. Famous for its ground-breaking and risky innovations in the past, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to witness Google make such a move. Read more.



Myriam van Alphen-Schrade is a Marketing & PR expert and currently holds the position of Senior PR & Communication Manager at XING EVENTS.
Having worked in various management roles for fashion & lifestyle products for many years she is now enjoying being part of the meetings and events industry.

Myriam has published various studies including the Social Media & Events Report 2012 and 2013, which has become a must read among event organisers and is considered as an important source of information on the subject of social media in the event industry.

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