Social Media & Events Report 2012: How Does the Event Industry use Social Networks?

We published our new Social Media & Events Report 2012 today.
The report presents the latest developments and offers event organizers several simple and realizable tips for the successful marketing of events with social media.

Inspired by the positive feedback regarding the Social Media & Events Report 2011, amiando once again decided to find out how event organizers are using social networks as a marketing tool. The comparison with the results from last year’s report is particularly interesting and points to important changes. The report is based on a survey amiando sent out and had nearly 1,000 event organizers worldwide participate in.

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We are going to present you three facts from the report right now and we’ll go further into detail in the following blog entries. So don’t forget to have a look at our blog.

Fact 1: Social Media is still one of the most important marketing tools

Just as last year’s report determined, social media is one of the most important marketing tools for event organizers. The most frequently used social media channels for event organizers are Facebook with 84%, followed by the micro-blogging site Twitter with 61% and XING with 46%.



Fact 2: Increasing awareness is the main objective

The most important goals for social media activities are raising awareness for individual events (70%) and for the brand as a whole (70%).






Fact 3: Trust in social media marketing

Three-quarters of respondents are planning on extending their social media activities in the future. Several of the event organizers who indicated plans in last year‘s report to increase their social media marketing activities have taken steps to do so and appear satisfied with the results this year.

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