amiando Insider Knowledge: The key to a successful event

Which ticket prices are suitable for different event categories?
When are the most tickets sold?

We analysed data from more than 180,000 organised events and are pleased to present our new publication series, amiando Insider Knowledge, which includes helpful tips that will ensure successful event planning.


Three facts out of the report: 

Most tickets are sold in the last week before the event
An analysis of approximately 500,000 sold tickets confirmed an average price of 131 euros per ticket. Almost 50% of tickets were sold in the month leading up to the event, of which 25% were sold within the last week.


Conferences & Seminars:
Large differences in prices with few last-minute ticket sales
The largest price range appeared for conference tickets. As a result, a price benchmark for this category was difficult to determine.

The average price per ticket was 313 euros for events with 200 to 500 attendees. On average, prices for seminar tickets were lower than conference tickets. The average ticket price was approximately 157 euros with the majority of tickets costing between 20 and 100 euros. Conference and seminar attendees tended to buy their tickets early. Ticket sales that occurred shortly before the event were rare.


Concerts & Festivals:
Ticket prices between 10 and 50 euros
The majority of concert and festival tickets ranged from 10 to 50 euros. The average price for approximately 140,000 tickets sold for entertainment events was 32 euros and therefore distinctly lower than the prices for business event tickets. Unlike conferences and seminars, the majority of concert tickets were booked right before the event took place. A 35% increase in the ticket sale graph could be observed approximately one week before the event.


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Myriam van Alphen-Schrade is a Marketing & PR expert and currently holds the position of Senior PR & Communication Manager at XING EVENTS.
Having worked in various management roles for fashion & lifestyle products for many years she is now enjoying being part of the meetings and events industry.

Myriam has published various studies including the Social Media & Events Report 2012 and 2013, which has become a must read among event organisers and is considered as an important source of information on the subject of social media in the event industry.

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