Green Events Report 2013: How Green is the Event Industry?

We published our Green Events Report 2013 today!


Are green and sustainability issues getting more important? What are the main reasons for event professionals to not act green?

The Green Events Report 2013 is based on a survey amiando conducted and, in which various event organisers worldwide participated. The report outlines the most important facts of the survey and gives effective tips for the successful organisation of green events. In cooperation with ClimatePartner, carbon emissions can be balanced and offset through high quality carbon offset projects.


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We are going to present you three facts from the report right now and we’ll go further into detail in the following blog entries. So don’t forget to have a look at our blog.


Fact 1: Green Events have a higher importance for event professionals than in previous years
61% of event organisers indicated that green and sustainability issues are higher on their agenda than in the past.
23% of the event organisers say that green issues remain just as important as in previous years.



Fact 2: Green Topics find their ways into event companies
The survey result illustrates that green topics are becoming more important to the event organisers:
A CSR policy is important to a majority of the industry; only 34% of the event professionals do not have such a policy.



Fact 3: Know-how and budgets are restrictions for a more sustainable working practice
The answers to this question are explicit: over 31% indicated that a lack of both knowledge and funds are the main issues. Only 21% explained that their main reason for the lack of more sustainable working practices is due to “time” and “company buying in”.



Myriam van Alphen-Schrade is a Marketing & PR expert and currently holds the position of Senior PR & Communication Manager at XING EVENTS.
Having worked in various management roles for fashion & lifestyle products for many years she is now enjoying being part of the meetings and events industry.

Myriam has published various studies including the Social Media & Events Report 2012 and 2013, which has become a must read among event organisers and is considered as an important source of information on the subject of social media in the event industry.

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