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The new monthly payout of your event revenues


There are many things to be considered when organizing an event, such as the location, the catering, how to promote the event, which ticketing software to use… all of this takes time and money and very often the costs have to be paid in advance. When using a ticketing software though, the revenues are normally paid out after the event has taken place. This can turn the financing of an event into a real challenge.


With XING Events, such troubles are a thing of the past: as of 1 April 2017, we change our invoicing system. Organizers will then receive a payout of their ticket sales revenues once a month. This new setting allows them to benefit from successful sales on a monthly basis instead of just once after the event. This makes us the only ticketing provider offering monthly payouts as a standard.


These are the advantages at a glance:


Monthly payouts II

  • Payout of the past month’s ticket sales revenues at the beginning of each month
  • Increased flexibility in event planning thanks to a monthly income of revenues
  • Higher transparency of the event finances with monthly invoicing
  • Still outstanding invoices are cleared automatically
  • XING Events continues to take care of the entire payment process


Please keep in mind some important details:


  • The change will happen on 1 April 2017 for both newly created and already running events. Running events will receive a payout for all ticketing revenues till this day and then continue with a monthly payout of revenues at the beginning of each month.
  • Before the payout, ticketing fees and any other still outstanding invoices for the event will be subtracted from the payout amount. Only the balance will then be transferred.
  • If an organizer has multiple events and there is an open invoice from a different event older than a month, this invoice will be subtracted from the payout amount as well.
  • The monthly invoice will replace the monthly report that organizers have been receiving until now.



You have questions? Maybe you’ll already find your answers here:


My event is already running, how exactly does the change to monthly payouts work?

On the 1st of April you’ll receive an invoice for all ticketing revenues you’ve had so far (less ticketing fees and any other outstanding payments), which we will then pay out right away. From then on you’ll receive an invoice and payout of your ticketing revenues at the beginning of each month.


After my event is over, when do I get the last invoice and payout?

The last invoice and payout will be sent at the beginning of the following month, no matter if your event might have already taken place at the start of the month.


Invoicing across multiple events is problematic for me, can I change this?

If you organize events for different clients and therefore don’t want invoicing across multiple events to happen, we can deactivate this function for you. To do this, please contact our support team or your personal consultant at XING Events.


For further questions about monthly payouts, simply contact our support team by calling +49 8955 273 58 13
(Mon – Fri: 9 am – 6 pm CET) or write an e-mail to

Eva Aschenbrenner

Eva Aschenbrenner

UX Writer bei XING Events
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Eva Aschenbrenner

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