International Conference "Occupations and Social Inequality"

hosted by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Congress Centre of the Federal Employment Agency (BA)

Start: 29 Jun 2017

End: 30 Jun 2017

  • Programme (Updated: 23 May 2017)

    THURSDAY, 29 June 2017


    Welcome by the Organizers


    Keynote 1 (45 minutes presentation, 30 minutes discussion)


    The 41 Springfields: how local occupational structures perpetuate inequality in early career outcomes

    Kim Weeden


    Coffee Break


    Session 1: Occupational Closure (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion)


    Occupational Closure, Social Selection and Wage Inequality

    Stefan B. Andrade, Lasse F. Henriksen


    Occupational Hierarchies across Workplaces: An Empirical Test of the “Treiman Constant” in Sweden

    Dustin Avent-Holt, Martin Hällsten, David Cort


    Wage bargaining and occupational licencing in the USA and Germany

    Andreas Haupt, Nils Witte


    Lunch Break


    Session 2: Tasks (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion)


    Putting tasks to the test: the case of Germany

    Daniela Rohrbach-Schmidt


    Graduate Labour Market Trends in Germany. Analysis using a task-based indicator of graduate jobs

    Golo Henseke, Francis Green


    Graduates and graduate jobs: what’s happening in the UK labour market?

    Kate Purcell, Peter Elias


    The interrelation between task sex segregation and the gender wage gap – Some evidence of within-occupational gender inequality for the Netherlands

    Stephanie Steinmetz, Kea Tijdens, Stefano Visintin


    Coffee Break


    Session 3: Occupational certification and licensing (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion)


    Unemployment after labour market entry: Do institutional characteristics of VET programs matter?

    Miriam Grønning, Irene Kriesi


    Are they just important for labor market entry? The role of training occupation characteristics for labor market chances after apprenticeship training in Germany

    Laura Menze


    Contextualized Inequality? How Study Fields shape Gender Specific Wage Trajectories in Germany and Finland

    Anna Erika Hägglund


    Field-Specific Recruitment Practices: How Does Unemployment Affect Later Employment Chances? A Factorial Survey Design

    Lulu P. Shi & Ariane Bertogg


    Conference Dinner



    FRIDAY, 30 June 2017


    Keynote 2 (45 minutes presentation, 30 minutes discussion)


    Young people in uncertain Times: Making the transition from school to work

    Ingrid Schoon


    Coffee Break


    Session 4: Occupational sex segregation (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion)


    Occupational classes, gender and the interrelation of spatial and wage mobility

    Tim Schröder


    Occupational sex segregation and the unemployment risks of men and women

    Ann-Christin Bächmann


    Occupations as Determinants for Men’s Transitions from Full-time to Part-time Employment in Germany

    Agnieszka Althaber


    The Myth of Women’s Work? Occupational Segregation and Job Satisfaction in Australia

    Alfred Michael Dockery, Sandra Buchler


    Lunch Break


    Session 5: The role of employers (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion)


    Demand-Side Explanation for Occupational Gender Segregation: Gender Discrimination in Selecting Applicants - Evidence from a Survey Experiment

    Basha Vicari, Britta Matthes


    Do employers adapt their hiring preferences? Regional-occupational opportunities in the German apprenticeship market

    Paula Protsch, Christian Gerhards, Sabine Mohr


    The value of foreign certificates in the screening and hiring process: A vignette study among German employers

    Martin Abraham, Andreas Damelang, Sabine Ebensperger, Felix Stumpf


    Concluding Remarks and Farewell


    End of the Conference


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