21st European Forum of Psychiatric Trainees "Cooperation in Psychiatry"

hosted by European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees

Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich

Start: Tuesday, 11 Jun 2013 14:00

End: Saturday, 15 Jun 2013 14:00

  • Welcome by EFPT President

    Dear participants,

    cooperation is what makes EFPT special: Colleagues from more than 30 European countries meet & work together for a common aim. Through EFPT, networks are created that will stimulate cooperation throughout our entire professional careers. 21 years into the existence of EFPT, we want to reflect on this process of cooperation. The scientific day is dedicated to the topic and of course there will be plenty of time for „hands-on“ cooperation during the workshops, working groups and and the regular EFPT activities.

    Welcome to the EFPT Forum 2013 in Zurich!

    Florian Riese

    EFPT President 2012-13

    and on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee

  • Welcome by Zurich University Hospital for Psychiatry

    Dear colleagues,

    among the major goals of the Zurich University Hospital for Psychiatry - besides state-of-the-art treatment and research into the development of better therapies - is to provide an optimal clinical, educational and scientific environment to train the next generation of leading experts in psychiatry and psychotherapy - both in clinical practice and in academic research. To this end, the cooperation and interchange between junior and senior clinicians and researchers, between different professional experts related to mental health as well as between psycho-social sciences and neurosciences are fundamental. We are therefore extremely happy to welcome all of you to the 21st EFPT Forum and that we can help establishing an international platform for you. On behalf of the Zurich University Hospital for Psychiatry we wish you a pleasant, interactive and stimulating meeting.

    Prof. Erich Seifritz, MD

    Director, Hospital for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics; Zurich University Hospital for Psychiatry

  • Welcome by President of Swiss Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

    Dear colleagues,

    I’m very pleased to greet you in the name of the Swiss Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy to the 21st Forum of the EFPT. Switzerland is one of the main homelands of psychiatry, with prominent pioneers like Auguste Forel, Eugen Bleuler or Carl Gustav Jung. Our specialty was further developed by our masters Jules Angst, Christian Müller or Julian de Ajuriaguerra. But enough of the past… We are happy to welcome you all, who bare the hopes and perspectives of the psychiatry of the 21st century. I wish you all an excellent stay in Zurich.

    Pierre Vallon

    President of the SSPP

  • Welcome by Presidents of Swiss Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

    Dear participants of the 21st EFPT Forum,

    we are happy and proud to welcome in Zurich so many psychiatric trainees from all over Europe. The organizers of this meeting have prepared for you an exceptionally all-round program of high standing. We are very grateful to them and we hope that the professional and personal exchanges will be a valuable and unforgetable experience to all of you. Enjoy your time in Switzerland!

    Dr. Hélène Beutler & Prof. Alain Di Gallo

    Co-Presidents Swiss Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Association SGKJPP/SSPPEA 

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    Event venue address

    Lenggstr. 31 8032 Zurich Switzerland
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