Creating ticket categories

  1. Select the event that you wish to edit.
  2. Go to the menu item Set up ticket sales and click on Ticket categories.
  3. Click on Create new ticket category.
    • Enter the name of your new ticket category.
    • Define how many tickets will be available for the specific ticket category.
    • Determine the ticket price.
  4. Save your settings or
  5. add More options:
    • Define the Temporal availability for the ticket category,
    • the purchase quantity, and
    • your own customised text that will be printed on the ticket.
    • Upload images for use on e-tickets and paper tickets.
  6. As soon as you save these options, you will be redirected to the category page.
  7. Determine the minimum and maximum number of ticket categories that your attendees are allowed to purchase.
  8. Check the box in front of the type of ticket that you would like to offer.
  9. Adjust your emails and documents accordingly:
    • Click on Add text.
    • Save your text and make sure that it is displayed correctly.
Last update on 26.06.2019

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