Business Account (former Agency Login)

The Admanager Business Account (former Agency Login) is a tool on XING that allows multiple people to post, view and manage ads.

There are two common cases where it makes sense to use the Business Account (former Agency Login):  

1. Placing ads on behalf of other companies (customers) as an agency.

  • Budgets can be assigned to specific customers and it can be ensured that these budgets are only used for this customer. This enables separate invoicing per customer.

2. As a company, several employees can place ads in the name of the company and view the ads posted by their colleagues.

  • Budgets can be assigned to specific events/projects, in order to maintain control what the budget is used for (so that these budgets are only used for these projects).


Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

       1. Where can I find the Business Account (former Agency Login)?

  • To log into the Business Account (former Agency Login), please go to

        2. What are customers, what is administration?

  • "Customers" are the customers for whom you can place or view advertisements. It can be your own company.
  • "Administration" is used to create new customers. In this area you can also create team members and manage them.
  • After you have logged in, you will first see two menu items

        3. How do I get started?

  • First create a new customer:
    In the menu item "Administration" you can add one or more companies/customers by clicking on “Add Customers” on the upper right side of the screen. Attention: If you manage the XING Ads for your own company, you only need to create one company “customer” for your own company. If you are working for an agency and you manage different clients' XING Ads, you can create several “customers” for your clients.
  • Second, enter the new name and then you can define the billing data.

          4. How can I place advertising on behalf of a company?

  • Go to "Administration", select a customer and in the field "Add an asset" enter the link to its XING company profile in the search field and then click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • As soon as the company profile shows as an option, please click on “Send Request”.
  • The editor of the company’s XING profile will receive an email with your request. The recipient has to accept the request in order for you to place ads on XING in the name of your customer or in the name of a company profile, you will need advertising permission from this company.

           5. How can I add employees?

  • Under the tab "Administration" in the area "Team" you can add and manage desired team members. To do so, simply enter the name of the person who is to be added to your team and who is to receive permissions. In the dropdown menu that opens, you can then select the appropriate person. You can give them admin rights by ticking the box, so that they can also access the “Administration” tab, add customers and/or team members

           6. How can I assign employees for advertising objects?

  • Click on "Administration". First, select a customer for whom you want to assign authorizations to an employee. Then select a user from the drop-down menu. You can decide whether the employee takes on the role of editor or analyst (see point 7).

           7. What is an editor and what is an analyst?

  • You can add Users to a customer who can create and/or see ads for this customer. When adding an User to a “customer”, you can choose the roles Editor or Analyst for the user.
  • Editor: An editor has access to everything and can manage an ad. 
  • Analyst: Analysts, on the other hand, can only view the ads and data, but not edit them.
    Do not forget to add yourself as a User and give yourself Editor rights.

          8. How do I create an advertisement?

  • Under "Customers" you select the desired customer for whom an ad is to be created. With the button "Create new ad" you can create a new ad and define your target group.

          9. What is an asset?

  • The asset is the company under whose name you want to advertise. In order to be able to place XING ads on behalf of your customer/company, you require an advertising authorization. To do this, enter the link to its XING company profile under "Add assets".

          10. Where do I redeem my advertisement voucher?

  • Click on the "Customers" area and select the desired customer for whom you would like to redeem the voucher. Then you can enter the code in the tab "Credits & Vouchers".
  • Please note that discount codes with the code D- are limited in time and expire after the term.

           11. Difficulties in the overview / creation of ads

  • ATTENTION please! It is important that the adblocker or tracking blocker is deactivated. Otherwise you might have difficulties to create ads or to review already created ones.
Last update on 25.01.2022


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