Setting bidding criteria

Advertising on XING is based on a bidding system. In other words, among ads aimed at similar target groups, the ads with the highest bid and the best click rate will be shown.

The most important factor is the bidding price. The higher the bidding price, the greater the chance that your event ad will be displayed. Useful guidelines about the current pricing level can be found on the settings screen for your ad under the Bid field.

  1. Define your budget under Total budget. Once this budget has been used up, your ads will no longer be displayed on XING and you will incur no further costs.
  2. Divide your total budget in a Daily budget. This is your way of keeping tighter control of your budget and the number of ad impressions and making sure that your ad runs to the end date entered in XING.
  3. Choose one of two bidding systems:
  • Pay per click: You only pay when someone clicks on your event ad.
  • Pay per 1,000 impressions: If you choose to pay for every 1,000 impressions, you only pay once your ads have been displayed to 1,000 XING users.
Last update on 27.06.2019

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