Adding co-organisers

  1. Select the event that you wish to edit.
  2. Go to Edit in the menu, and click on Organisers.
  3. This will display an overview of the (co-)organisers of the event. The main organiser will appear right at the top, followed by the co-organisers (sorted by the date they were added). 
  4. Go to Add co-organiser and enter the link to the future co-organiser’s XING profile. Click on Add co-organiser.
  5. The user you have added will now appear in the list of co-organisers and will receive a message from XING to confirm his new status as a co-organiser.

A co-organiser is able to:

  • edit the description of an event
  • invite other guests
  • send messages to attendees
  • postpone or cancel the event.

The name of the main organiser will, however, continue to be displayed on the event page. This is also where you can remove the co-organiser permissions of an attendee. To do this, simply click on the trash bin next to the person’s name.

Please note: If you also want co-organisers to be able to edit event settings in the EventManager, you need to grant them the corresponding permissions.

Last update on 26.06.2019

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