Advertising your event page

Sharing your event page

  1. Select the event that you wish to edit.
  2. To make your event page visible, click on Edit in the menu and change the visibility to Everyone (public event) or Only XING members.
  3. To recommend your event page to your network and encourage your contacts and attendees to share the page with their own networks, go to your event page and click on Promote, followed by Share on XING.
  4. On your XING event page, go to Promote and click on Share via email, Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter to promote your page on different channels outside XING.
  5. Select up to 5 co-editors, who will additionally promote your event by posting in their own network.
  6. Search for relevant XING groups by clicking on Groups in the menu, and post your event here using the Events tab.
  7. Encourage your page visitors to click on Attending. Every time someone clicks on Attending, it will be posted throughout their network. Every time someone reacts positively to your event, e.g. when someone exports the event to their calendar, a lightbox will be displayed, containing 10 contacts that may also be interested in the event. The user can recommend your event by simply clicking on the lightbox.
  8. Insert a banner on your official website and link it to your event page on XING to encourage those who are interested in the event to visit your page.

Inviting XING members

  1. If you want to invite existing contacts and group members to your event using a personalised XING message, go to Promote in the menu and click on Invite contacts and groups.
  2. (If using Event Plus) Go to the Visitors tab and click on Write invitation or click on Invite next to the name of a person who has visited your event page, so that you can send a personal invitation to people who are interested in your event.

Advertising on XING

  1. (If using Event Plus) Click on Visitors in the menu, followed by Send event update, so that you can share news on the landing page of your event page visitors.
  2. To advertise your event to a specific target group, click on Promote in the menu, followed by Create event ad.
Last update on 26.06.2019

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