Designing your event page

  1. Select the event on XING that you wish to edit.
  2. Click on Edit.
    • Please follow the design guidelines for designing banners and logos provided here: Design-Guidelines.
    • Describing the event: Describe your event, e.g. what is the event about, potential sponsors, special guests, or highlights of the event. You can lighten up the text by inserting images. To do this, open your event page on XING and click on Edit. In the text box Event description, select the image icon in the formatting box at the top of the text box.
    • Integrate the link to your ticket shop in the upper area of your event page, making it easier for your (potential) attendees to purchase tickets. To do this, go to your event page on XING and click on Attendees > Manage tickets & registration in the top menu
    • Insert external links, e.g. to the official website for your event (you will need Event Plus to be able to do this).
    • Add your agenda or schedule for the event. (Don’t forget to format it!)
    • Add up to 20 XING member profiles as speakers.
    • Upload up to 10 files, e.g. theatre plan and brochures.
    • Add your contact profile, so that visitors can get in touch if they have any queries.
    • Do you have a corporate profile? If so, the administrator (co-organiser) can link the company page to the event.
    • Enter keywords so that as many potential attendees as possible will find you (e.g. theme of your event, target audience, and speakers).
    • Ensure that the guest list is visible to all XING members. This allows attendees to use the ‘people2meet’ feature, which lets them contact other people who are attending and arrange meetings – all before the event. To do this, go to your XING event page and click on Edit > Language & Privacy
Last update on 26.06.2019

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