Overview and benefits of Event Plus

If you want to see who has visited your event page, including all their profile data, you need to use the extra feature Event Plus for your event on XING. Event Plus costs €39.95 per month and per event. If you have already posted a basic event page, you can upgrade the page in the navigation bar by clicking on Event Plus. You can find out more in this guide.

Event Plus brings you the following further benefits:

  • You can see who has visited your event page: Thanks to the contact information about your visitors, you have an overview of how successful you were in raising awareness of your event among your target market. You also have the option of inviting visitors to your event directly.
  • You have the possibiliy to post Event updates on the landing page of the visitors enabling you to generate additional attendees.
  • You have access to the analysis section to compare the number of event page visitors to similar events and your own. So you can check where your events stand in comparison to your competition.
  • You can insert external links: You can include a link to an external websites in the header of your event page, which will raise awareness of your own website among XING members, for example.
  • You can also insert a direct, customisable link to your ticket shop at the top of your event page.
  • You will receive an ad-free event page on which no other events are advertised. 
Last update on 22.05.2020

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